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Default Re: HERE's TO YOUR HEALTH!!! In THEIR Hands!!

Communism is not a threat - nooooooooooo.......
The cold war is over. Yah, O.K. It's not the silent war that no one discusses but us conspiracy nutbars.

Canada appears to be stepping up as prize bitch for the U.N. Am I surpised??? No.

G8 Finance Ministers are key card holders at NWO poker table, no doubt. It's the old Saudi law of he who has the gold makes the law; an adopted motto of the Bush family and world bankers.

"According to Jane's Terrorism and Security Monitor, the Group of Seven industrialized countries, also known as the G7, has agreed to locate the center in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, and will work in tandem with the United Nations' World Health Organization.

The goal is to battle the threat of mass infections which could claim the lives of millions, whether sparked intentionally by terrorists or occurring naturally.

Joining the effort to defuse the threat of bio-terror attacks are some of the world's most advanced germ-warfare establishments originally built by the Soviets in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

"The Soviets are believed to have utilized as many as 50 biological agents in their weapons program, genetically engineering some of them to be resistant to antibiotics," reports Jane's. "Soviet Cold War secrets are now being used in the development of defenses against biological weapons of mass destruction." "
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