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Default Re: The war in Iraq is a model for police state Amerika...

The money-lenders in the temple is the age old problem that J.C. high-lighted for eternity.

You can't buy faith.
You can't buy love.

Believing is 9/10 ths of God's law. Hope accounts for the rest. Grace is the whole of the law. God is not about war or money or terror or any other form of bullshit. The devil reigns by deceit alone. People buy into his illusion/facade - the great lie: there is no God.

Who has the power?

The money-lenders/creators of war/Satanic forces
or God?

The Iraqi's may be war torn, and this moment in time will be but a memory for generations to come and come they will. Iraqi life will go on, sooner or later, this will all be a distant memory.

Things are changing so fast these days and things can change for the better, in an instant. Divine Intervention is real. Miracles do happen.

No one knows what the future will bring and we must never give up faith or lose hope in what is good... our God-given future.
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