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Default Re: If successful you are The NWO

We are not the Borg, so please only of yourself declare the intent for thy self.


You know many names of occult and faction, of religion, or groups of political domains and old world religious orders.

What is the global entity who promote the want of truth as anti-conspiracies who fight for the hope of freedom of information and right?


The religions have had theirs, they worship the ones who formed them against their own dogma’s of no graven images such as Christ on or the Cross alone.

Politics just has no instruction or institution of direction, as democrats are meant to be lead by the peoples overall opinion and the republican is elected for who’s one opinion might be best, but the senate is meant to be unbiased and impartial, congress can exist with these titles, the governors can not for a non-partisan rule.

The lost old world religious orders are forgotten, but once again exist as the exaggerated and miss interpreted myths of the deeds or misdeeds of a person whom did exist. The deity is a principal of nature with personification or anthropomorphism.

The factions are the radical groups who fight against us all for what their view of freedom or cause is, and so become terrorists to fight an unknown or unmentioned terror and so make it known with violence.

The occults are many, they are what conspire to control and dominate to rid and defile. They have many known names, and what purpose would they have in changing what you still can not prove to exist as they are in control the Beguine, Cathar, or the Illuminati and many more.


Look at yourself, “we” who,

The Nwo can be those who form rank, awaken the sleeping religious giants and befuddled government groups and fight back with the principle of true democratic freedom for the truth.
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