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Default Re: If successful you are The NWO

While enlightenment can never be declared and faith can never be with proof, belief is a state of mind as one puts for what only might be.

The New world order as you see it is not yet.

What is in existence is quiet and not heard and does not make trouble, but many have known of the domination before and so named them for it. The hypnotic powers of a seductress Vampire don’t just enter the world from the imagination. Since legend can not be erased, much of it exists in the stories and myths we now find fanatical, and what was the truth is rewritten by the dominate powers, and yet the truth of Bacchus and Orphius or Ba'al verses Ma'at, or the cult of Set after the third fall in egypt. So many examples, what goes on now is only a rerun of a history we can not learn to avoid as it is always rewritten or as they suffer their minor anihilations and end times forgotten.

Please note: what is prognostication is never true, to prophecy or tell as revelation will always be misleading and backwards from the truth and so should not be done, nore should fortune telling


On a side note, personally I have experienced a great deal from what you call a “mind control sexbot” and understand a great deal more about it than most. This however is a faithful statement as it can not be proven, but I will apply it here if you wish, it is currently fifty three pages long so… And I was hoping for help.
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