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Default Re: If successful you are The NWO

Michan said:

"On a side note, personally I have experienced a great deal from what you call a “mind control sexbot” and understand a great deal more about it than most. This however is a faithful statement as it can not be proven, but I will apply it here if you wish, it is currently fifty three pages long so… And I was hoping for help."

First of all, when you state:

"I have experienced a great deal from what YOU call a "mind control sexbot" to whom are you referring?

If you are referring to me with the use of the word YOU, you have misspoken.

I have never used the words "mind control sexbot."

I have no idea what a mind control sexbot is. I, do, however, know what a mind control sex slave is.

If there is something you wish to post, you do not have to ask ME or anyone on this forum for permission.

That is your decision.

In Peace,
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