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Default Re: If successful you are The NWO

The devilů

The cult of known satanic understanding is fittingly the worst duped religion of them all. Lucifer was never evil nor a bad or corrupt ruler and was known as the light bringer, while he made a few small mistakes, his predecessor Lucifer the Second was the puppet leader for the real historical trouble makers and the war in heaven was the fall of Atlantis.

The devil refers to a man known as Beelzebub, and was a great fighter in the Asian past who formed the powers of Chin to world dominance, he so noted for slaying the populations of multiple towns for the belief of present witchcraft.

Satan is actually a reference to the opposer as a mental voice of torment and anguish, and so also was hear in biblical telling of Job and Jesus, those two took it lightly, but Beelzebub decided to rid the world of those who might be responsible for besieging him with that dark influence, so they called him the devil in later times.


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