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[I apologize for the inconvenience of any grammatical errors or problems of syntax of haste.]

The many states of crazy
Version 1.8

This is a complete work of faith.


While I know that the below is massive, due to the content it will never gain a publisher.
This contains the full known works from my investigations of the rapture as an attack on the mind.
Historic accounts have been avoided but such information can be plentiful from additional scientific investigation of the world as a closed environment.



As this is of the conspectus of the minds eye, we must understand that we all view the world within many castes, such as nominal, real, or ideal, but it is known that the simplest answer is usually the right one and pragmatic is.

To understand the mental state of another is impossible unless you can directly engage that mind as if it was your own. One’s perception exists and can only be shared as a description and can only be determined by the metaphor: the doctor has always been blind and the patient is describing any specific colour in existence.

The entire contents written in these parameters must be taken into consideration to justify any previous statement.

When it comes to mental illness, four contributing factors can be found: as faults in diet of self or parent, fault of dNA expectation programming, the result of Rapture, or the result of physical destruction of the brain itself. The below engages the Rapture ideal.

In the industrialized society today mostly goes about without knowledge of an incepted state of mind; the following attempts to show what symptoms do exist from that incepted state. The only way to overcome this state found in humanity is to openly release the incoming information to the public and so dominate the public psyche with it.



1. Nominal Mental Illness
2. Psychoanalytic Mental States
3. Empathetic terms
4. Dream Mechanics
5. Brain Turmoil
6. Stages of the lost
7. Secondary Improper Abilities
8. Idealist Mental States
9. Altruism
10. Realist Mental States
11. Myth Mention
12. The Rapture
13. The Human Condition
14. Reason of Lessons

1. Nominal Mental Illness


*One with schizophrenia is found with part of the awareness of a mind who has engaged the subject schizophrenic with rapture.

*Awareness of other schizophrenics who have previously engaged the schizophrenic with rapture

*Awareness of other minds who have previously engaged the schizophrenic subject with rapture. The voice from the other mind is found in a wakeful state as it is engaging civilians with hypnotism. The given commands are noted and noticed.

Noted commandments of hypnotic suggestion noticed from the subconscious are:

-Now listen: grabs the attention or interrupts the current converse.
-That means: grants a description of what was just spoken or identified
-Oh my God no: understandable exclamation God is not truly addressed also as “Jesus!”
-See that: used to direct attention.
-That’s it, or that’s how then: agreement an affirmative expression of acceptance of action taken by the hypnotized subject
-That’s not how though: disagreement
-Do you know what: followed by a statement of importance spoken out loud
-you don’t care: replaces concern, and removes worry, attempts to force action against conscience
-forget that: wipes away recent memories of inclusion

- a hypnotist can sooth a mind to rest, and so subject it to suggestion better.

*Awareness of those who are in a dream or entranced state.

*Those who have engaged the subject and entered a trance or zoned into the schizophrenic subject who is directly before them or in memory just shortly after the beheld rapture.

*As awareness of voices around another schizophrenic or bi-polar mind. The voices may be addressed not to the body in front but to name of the recipient through the rapture as a method of torment to gain attention and information.

*The mental arena is very strange, while in a slight sleep one can speak with a voice of intent not their own or seeming make another speak in their minds as their thoughts aloud, are heard aloud but do not leave the realm of dream or sub-conscious.

-Note: in Hypnotic exclamation “Oh no!” or “Oh my no” is the best format.


Bi-polar disorder

*Found in the waking mind of a female actively engaged or made aware of others in a local harem conscious. This is strongest when scrying had been engaged, or rapture has been dealt out.

*Very similar to schizophrenia but for the basic design difference of the male and female mind set. The mind of one who is bi-polar is more mature and so stronger than others having spent more time un-incepted.

*Those bi-polar will be enticed by the empathy found from the global conscious.

*Those bi-polar might be aware of the mentality of a child in the womb, as it is an engagement of Nirvana, but will have a weakened sense of direct intuition due to the others involved with the connection.


Tour-ettes syndrome

*An alpha female can control another body while in dream or while in an entranced state.

*A subject whom was the victim of rapture, but is stronger in the mind, while in transmutation will grant introspective words that the subjected tour-ette may speak aloud, or invoke to be heard by the selection of chosen peers in a chapter.

*Those who tour-ette are truly being forced against their will, but most will have engaged the subject of their own accord.



*Is identical and was the older known form of Tour-ettes syndrome.



*Is from a dreaming mind who attempts to read before or along with the wakeful state of the host.

*The waking mind of another who is bi-polar or schizophrenic attempting to read along with the subject reader in an attempt to confuse or to gain the understanding of the paragraph from the subject who is dyslexic.

-Note an incepted mind always includes a loss of waking intelligence due to the requirements and demands of the Nirvana state.


Asperser syndrome

*One sexually seduced at a young age will not be able to cope with the tensions and expectations applied of that mind by the sympathetic global consciousness, so will shut down empathy and remain stoic or possess Vulcan equanimity as the asocial aspect is successful.


Post partum depression

*Usually the child or toddler leaving Nirvana is losing the connection to the debilitated parent. This departure is normally found at the ages of five to seven but early departure can happen.

-Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: is an uneducated or physically unengaged child’s response to the same condition of post partum when they gain a fully autonomous un-incepted state.


Memory laps Frustration – Aphasia

*One engaging another in the sub-conscious; a participant can hold a word from one who has the intent to use it. As we speak we speak aloud, or as some might rehearse we pre-think what will be said or written; this gives the opportunity for this engagement as the divining mind will grasp and prevent its use in argument or phrase. This can also be used in trivia games by those aware in Nirvana.



*While this entire work could be; dementia is a person who can not redress or entertain a true method for dealing with a state of the mind. Dementia manifests itself in a gullible believer as an illogical response to a suggestion. Such a suggestion can be created or induced by those in nirvana who simply desire to make another appear without logic.



*As the victim of rapture witnesses the false futures as they return to the mind of the true conceiver the victim must cope with the false impressions. These impressions can play havoc with faith.

*As the false futures return they might cause a break in the mind of the victim of a scryed rapture. These default and result in miscarriages and forced abortions of the scryed conception or future. Many false raptures create a sense of want or temptation in another that is from someone else’s desire. In intuition and left alone they are mostly truthful but when a rapture is envisioned by a scryer they are lost to the false facts and so creates the miscarriage. These miscarriages may create death on a mass scale as the world lacks what was promised to exist for those taints to conscience faithfulness.

*The true conceiver does not have control of a miscarriage. The scryer has taken action against the universe, while the beholder had taken action only against the mate. It is possible that one who sees multiple futures in life will be condemned to witness them as life flashes before their eyes in death. This could be the greatest torment and punishment available, as the death of loved ones and even the world entire are witnessed again and again.

The only good and proper rapture is one taken of conception for life with a mate for a child, it one that should never be envisioned by a scryer.

2. Psychoanalytic



-This is the global conscious taking part in the minds awareness. Granted from the true paternal parents and continuous down the genome line or ancestry to entwines all.

*Super Ego-

-While the mind is many things on many levels, a bond can be created when guilt is applied. Family can also create bonds that are just as strong as the bonds of guilt. Those who are guilty might dwell on what they have gained but are guilty, as they reminisce about the people they have wronged and so create a constant inculcation. This can come from a general bond and one that does not create the visions of intuition, such a bond will require only the basic connection.

-This can be taken advantage of when one becomes guilty for a greater truth of extortion of introspection.

-The bond of rapture can be made for many reasons hypnotism is just one, but this bond is inherently meant for a spouse.


-The ego is the first part of the mind, but when the super-ego is present the ego is no longer alone and so can not truly be self or totally self accountable.



*The body is created by the mother, the father grants the genetic difference to create a new and unique being.

This exchange allows for a harmonious growth. Both will trade understandings as the mother builds a greater son or daughter; with increases in society the son can create a still greater son or daughter but will find restriction at the level in the super ego when love is not present. This is greater personified with culture as more is created and achieve more can be consumed and learned, greater and cleaner methods of cooking are found so nutrition can increase for the creation of a child in a mother. The father feels pain in a greater scope of tolerances with more sensitivity it can teach to respond against what is perceived as danger.



*This can not be so easily explained.

*As the global conscious is pure to conscience the truth of the second greater level of creation that is currently conceivably can be achieved.

*Right now we are at a level of cultural misstep or common misprision from those who have the “abilities”. As the attempts are made to awaken the abilities from the Id we fail with those of the super-ego. Love is not present so we can not achieve the growth needed. This is manifested as the control applied from the spirit.

As growth without expectation is dangerous we must first as a species find the right path to truth and love to create the proper sense in the super ego, this creates a new level of growth in society and as the population equalizes the opportunities and methods become greater. Once cultural levels are equal society will achieve a new method of nutrition to create an ever stronger mother, so again the stronger son. As the greater levels of the global conscious take hold new challenges will arise, but for now the challenge is for the proper method of the super ego. This takes equal steps by both genders, it could be expected that to reach the abilities of the id harmony is required instead of passage through the genome alone.

Right now the sexes are relatively equal in ability but males are far behind the “lead” of fundamental society and the competition must be stopped. Having greater abilities from a mother’s womb, the mother forced into the past can not find reason to step out into proper lifestyle and conscience and will not be allowed to evolve until the super-ego is placated. With mutual compassion in the super ego, with love binding allowing the only true rapture, the super ego dissipates to no longer existing as a commune, as children are born from the only future vision beheld in consummation it will grant the possibility for the next level of growth, in the Id. Dreamscape then becomes moldable by the dreamer and not alone by the hand. This will not occur until the far future beyond the sixth generation with the truth and pure conscience had by the entire sapient existence.

3. Empathetic terms.


*Is the directly shared emotion and the expected emotional response from one being or entity to another



*Is the act of empathy on a mass scale. This is the natural connection between all life on the planet. In sympathy one does not need to share emotion but recognition and intent is exchanged. This state does not always require inception.


Look of connection

*Sympathy is intensified with a natural look of connection when one is incepted.


Look of rapture

*This is done with intent and does not occur naturally but in an act of true consummation and allows visions in dreaming. This can be done to give a sense of self outwards or to take conception inwards.



*Is the direct attempt to control or admonish another mind with physical subjection, warnings from subjugation, direct visual suggestion, or mental hypnotic suggestions.


Stages of sapient growth:


4. Dream Mechanics


*The yawn is the alignment which brings in another’s awareness and is usually done when they have just fallen asleep or into a trance. The yawn does bring multiple connections together for alignments, but this is usually done with general sleeping patterns.

* The yawn in the most part is done with another, as adults scry each other and look for the subjects mind, but the real pained vessels for scrying are infants. Sperm from the same donor must be present in each for a strong signal, but never the less a signal can cross with just basic inception. In these instances one can abuse an infant as it is used as a television. This works to find the father, but would also bring nightmare to the babe.

The Yawn happens to a subject who was the victim of rapture when a beheld future in intuition future is scryed and the subject yawning is the target of the approach.


Dream mechanics

*We may dream vision through another’s eyes.

*We may dream awareness in our animals and other creatures we have contact with.

*Some will enter commune in dream and be with many others in a state of connection. This is the local harem or coven.

*there are two types of dreaming, passive and aggressive. In passive the transition was natural, when aggressive the transition was with intent.

*one in a dream will be subject to Proteus syndrome in a much greater scope.


Myoclonus of a limb, restless Leg jerk

*This happens when you are asleep and aware of another’s vision. It is due to a personal response to the actions of another in a dream, it might happen from the attempt at imposing will on the host as they dream visions, or a reaction to an event they are engaged in.

-Kinsbourne syndrome, Myoclonic Encephalopathy of Infants, Dancing Eyes-Dancing Feet Syndrome, Opsoclonus Myclonus

*the eyes of a host are used in dream and one who is entranced or in an aggressive dreaming state can attempt to control the eyes of the host.

*the eyes can also be disturbed to dancing by one who with intent raptures a picture taken of forced rapture committed by the imaged subject towards the camera or the images viewers.


Sleep walking

*The host sleep walks because the host of the dreamed vision has now also fallen asleep and is re-awoken in a trance by the dreamer, this works best when doneby the commune or coven who concentrates on an image of the host.

*The sleep walker has entered a trance state and is possessed by another who is sleeping or is also in a trance state of awareness.


Sleep talking/mumbling

*This is done to commune with others who are asleep.

*This is done with the intent of another for the purpose of sounding to make a introspective thought heard from another to another and the sleeper is not included. The sleeping talker is the medium or is invoking.


States of secondary awareness

*When a child or some one close in relation is in danger with sympathetic knowledge some people can become aware when the unconscious or subconscious connects with the people to alert them of the event.



*found in an entranced state, one rests. This can be done with the eyes open but not alert. In a trance one can be roused easily with need but for idle communication a shaking might be needed. One in a trance will seem distant and lost in thought.



*These hold the pure memory of one time and place.

*One who is caught in a photo has a perfect image of their sol taken and so “allows the stealing of the sol”.

*One can have their sol remembered from an image and have it pulled from the photo but remains in the linear present.

*One imaged can receive to the very moment when the photo was taken a dreaming awareness of another. The dreamer sentenced to witness by the beholder will experience the times of the host and can imprint acts on that time and will be information or event that has already happened to the dreamers timeline.

*When one who is dreamt is manipulated and forced into an image they can experience the pain and sufferings of others, if death should occur within close proximity to the image the subject dreamer my enter coma if they effected they caused first person the real suffering. From this guilt is dangerous.

*Photos are for landscapes only; if a person is involved they must seem part of the landscape. When on film, in narration, you speak at the cameraman, or the audience, the tele-prompter, or the microphone one is not to direct intent to the viewers or listeners, when guest are on it is the guest who is the only subject of the hosts intent or the locally present audience or stage manager.

*An image that has captured the rapture of a subject should be destroyed to preserve the time line and the chance viewer’s minds. This the image taken of inwards or outwards rapture.

*Don’t let the idea of avoiding just the eye capture, as the image of one who is the victim of rapture imaged in a statue or on canvas can just as easily induce the connection from memory as can pieces of memorabilia from the victim.


The child conduit

*This is an extreme danger to infants and children.

*A child can be used as a conduit to connect with others in the coven, so connecting with anyone who has committed rapture of that child. This infant can in later years develop symptoms of tour-ette syndrome for those who imprint are still present forever after the rapture. A mother will imprint but does not need to engage rapture, general connection is fine done with perceive motive or purposeful intent.

*A dreaming person can have their awareness pulled into the infant if the dreamer sleeps, just as in any other case. The infant will in these instances have a waking memory and be aware of what the dreamer would think or attempt to speak, but would not understand until maturity and familiarity with the “conveyed” language.



This is done to communicate with another over vast distances, an out of body or foreign voice is heard, but it seems to come from outside the mind. Used to call some to dinner.


Attraction to the breasts

*The whole purpose of connection is for communication only. This helps an infants mind develop while allowing the mother to direct the child to the breast or sooth the child to sleep, and create comfort from other methods of mental inculcations such as soothing.

*The look of connection by a direct line parent is not a terrible thing, and in fact is normal and will happen the first time the mother looks at the child after the birth. This parent should be the only person who looks with the connecting means. But the parents looked at each other with intuitive means in consummation. It is reflex but understandable, the mother and child share the bond. This look of connection must only happen naturally and never be done with any type of intent. Anyone who looks with intent is committing the rapture.

* most others caught looking as an adult at the breasts whom did so without intent are being led by this natural connection of inception. If one scopes or objectifies with rating as to undress, one understands intent.

*in the true connections of attraction the lips will reddened as the first visual cue. With visual connection in the approach of anticipation the breast might undergo mastitis to again enhance the attraction. After the look of connection, the man may be made to undergo a hardening of the groin. This hardening can be ever after the look of intuition be engaged with the want of the mate.


Super human reflex

*With the presence of natural vision connections one can be accelerated to rescue and can do so with secondary force and knowledge from surrounding persons. If a child falls and someone is near a mother who is far off the mother can direct and intensify that persons action of rescue. This will be more difficult with strangers but the connection in the instant still exists.


Goose bumbs

*Occur when someone has been completely removed from life or someone with a strong connection starts to shiver in a completely different climate.



*Done to augment the cold.

*felt as an extreme presence of the twice self from pictured time travels.


Hair standing up

*This occurs when others share the same experiences, such as radio listeners to the same station, the same song, or viewing the same reel images.

*can be cause by an individual who is reminiscing about another as they dive into a body of water.


crawling skin

*This occurs when one who has engaged the subject in rapture or connected with the individual with intuitive though picks at themselves while reminiscing about the victim who experiences the itch. This can be done with intent. This is especially relevant with the nose hairs.


ghost limbs

*When one has lost a limb and another person who has a great mental ability reminisces about that the amputee the amputee can remember the limb as the limb is still found on the other. This will also occur from the other stages of awareness attributed such as sicknesses or entrancing.


“Future” passage

*While dreaming it is possible to pass into the real past via a photo. To truly see the future one must live it. Yet one can see a torturous false impression by vision through another’s beholding or scrying. As the rapture is engaged the dreamer is passed into the mind of the victim. This future time is only of the moment as it has been witnessed it can not become the truth. This does make for an interesting dream, but one that only evokes evil and will force response and objection from any awaking from such a dream whom holds conscience.

5. Brain Turmoil

Brain tumors

*for subject matter alone- some are caused by the build up of decaying semen matter in the skull, which can not be removed quickly enough by the immune system, this happens more often in the sinuses.



*The result of having others help work or action along from a connection of intent, such as reading along with the script in movies or passages in theater production to help those on stage. When the person finally ceases inception the mind looses connection with the materials once shared.

*When one invokes to another or a mass group the strain can accelerate degeneration.

*Dictionary terms read within dyslexia can be dissimilated by another.



*This is cause by many problems, but one main is from oxygenated blood having its key positive hydrogen ion removed that will hold the primed oxygen ion. As the de-oxygenated blood passes the sperm feed on decay “as they are often fed in the testicles”
the areas of inception the hydrogen is removed and ceases the bloods basic properties to carry oxygen.

*This also occurs with the white blood cells. As the red corpuscles are removed from stream they are delivered to the kidneys pancreas and spleen and also into the liver for processing. These cells are free roaming and will need to be detected and processed over time, until such time the cell is inactive and so a faulty, they might be detected in a clump and require to be forced by the while blood cells to their distruction.

*Barth syndrome-Is pre-mature leukemia in a male child. The child will have been incepted from semen from a different male to prevent post partum. This will happen even when it is semen from the father.



*This is a losing battle over of the mind as the harem or coven will parasitically take it over in pre-Alzheimer’s. It is also the format for promoting psychopathic breaks when done as an attack.


Upside down baptism -cerebral palsy

*In ancient times this was inflicted to infants and rose to pandemic proportions in Greece and Rome to destroy a male’s ability for strength. This type of defeat causes a weakened male and so a weakened empire. The mind however stayed strong for assimilation.

This is of Achilles and the head first dunk in the river Stix.

This is caused by the cerebellum-parabellum developing damage in a young infant after the sinus cavity is flushed full with a fluid. In a premature birth the babe might not have the birth caul fully developed, so in birth cerebral palsy occurs naturally in the expectation of death. Having a baby’s head tilted back while bathing is the easiest way of its cause; the water running up the nasal cavity. The natural blow back or breathing out of the nose when a child is submerged takes time to develop


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

*done with the olive and used to destroy the parental lobes of the brain and prevent personal awareness and abilities gained from inception.

ALS is a chemical recombination in the body that is debilitating. Natural symptomatic ALS is cause by a chemical reaction and can be created in the stomach by the ingestion of a few whole olives from the island of Crete of the varieties --Orchites, Pausean, Sergian, Colminian, Licinian, Sallentine-- all illegal to export whole, all containing natural Sodium Nitrate. Those olives ingested with a natural glucose (sugar), alcohol from (wine), and a pentothal (cognac brandy) creates the natural truth serum (Sodium Pentothal) The possibly of ALS resulting in an overdose and a headache always accompanies this combination. The addition of Potassium Chlorate/Potassium Nitrate (found in common sea salt) will afflict the heart and lungs, with a possible heart attack resulting, which causes the neurological system damage found in ALS.

The oil of these olives should be clean and safe for export.



*Under the skin these are deposits of semen that are foreign to the body created as they attempt to become embryo. In an adult, once healthy sperm should exit the sinuses when the time comes to cease. In time these deposits of hard matter will be removed when one is not incepted or will grow when one is.

*When Sodomy is engaged colon cancer will generate in the same manner. The body equalized and directs the ingested sperm to the depots, but when injected into the anus the entire lower colon will begin to grow micro embryos, these incomplete will not survive the first or second mitosis but will damaged the impregnated cell, and allow further cell division with further impregnations.

*When sperm is ingested and does not have sufficient energy to pass into sinus cavity or into the amniotic fluid of the brainstem after beginning by passing through the back of the throat. Sperm will be recognized to be neutralized or it will foul the main digestive organs with such cancerous growths. To prevent the destruction of these organ or to prevent the mind from entering a harem with enemies the body will completely close the lower intestine by splitting from the mesentery and pinching which allows the body to eliminate the sperm in the stomach acids after a prolonged amount of time, this will also induce cold sweats a swelling of the sinuses and vomiting. If one is already incepted the body will have a hard time in the defense of harem connections.

*When one denies a yawn to a scryer a tubercle might form directly in the mind and cause a swelled head to the beholder.



*This is found when the chest cavity is full of fluid around the solar plexus and heart. This happens when a male holds in flatulence and also develops from a shallow swallow of that is suggested or controlled by a beholder. The lungs are then unable to take in a full breath.

6. Stages of Dementia or derangement

*Ascension is the term given to one who copes with inception and awareness of the superego.

*One format of the usual dark ascension is cause by a female whom fertilized herself with sperm gained but not granted by the male in that instance. The sperms origin could be spilt masturbation such as a tissue or a drain, gained from a condom or a given by a different sexual partner. This is done to accuse rape and cause pain to that male and anguish his father.



*Players will run away. If a man has had many sensual partners and is amorous they will relinquish self control and flee as they understand but do not want a child with the fertilized. They will change lifestyle and even so far as a name, many will reach stardom or high profile work but will forget or deny much of their origins.



*Jesters will act out with comedy. While not all comics have dealt with this; the ones that have will just admit fault and the child. They will make light of them selves and loose all seriousness.



*“First real stage of suicide”


Higher calling

*Some will answer the first higher calling as they hear the voices come to their minds.
When the voice is heard in from the superego or from the sub-conscious the man might think it a voice of spirit and so devote himself.


The lost boys

*This starts as the flood of repressed or “borrowed” memories comes back, the female mind is miss-understood and so feared and many males in this state will completely abandon civilization and in running away will attempt to live as a hermit. Most will return to society.



*Those who are in jail or hold a great criminal record will commit sadomasochistic self attacks A person who has had many troubles in life will attack self, with eager help from the wraith attacker. Sadomasochism will also be done in an attempt to bring pain on the persona of the voice itself.



*The first state is inducing fear and enticing phobias, again to break the will of the male.

* the male will now attempt to solve or pass through all the taken visions of beholding rapture. This brings about the “second real stage of suicide”

*A male strong enough and with a wizen and peaceful approach will now attempt to bargain with the voices.



*As one who was to ascend is raptured they may experience thoughts and wishes to cross dress, this will manifest itself when it is thought to be o.k. to do so on All hallowed evening or on stage first but may also exist as a fetish in earlier years.

*Those who have given their seed to any female might weaken to allow the rape and a castrated eunuch state, of supposed femininity or womanhood.

*Those who have had few sensual experiences and had given themselves to only one female will seek this woman and attempt to court. If they had given themselves and taken one of a virgin state they will attempt by any means to regain her, even to kill and will also stalk the female this also true of granting the first inception to a virgin mind.



*While it is not true of all pedophiles; the nature of the need to know if the ability to transmute and reform sexual identity is possible one might investigate, in these investigations the transgression is made. The pollution of the mind leads to the pollution of the environment for children, but this might stem from the beholders wish to also know that truth


Working stiff.

*Most in a job will suffer psychoneurotic break, when one deals with a demanding job their work will suffer and finally expire.

* at this point one would accept and allow a mental state hospital admission. Where they might, believe the lies, and behave as told to end empathy and the sympathetic state with pharmaceuticals.

*some might survive past this point and attempt artistic works, novels or comic books.


Higher classes.

*This is the stages of the guilds, such as the dark masons, or the illuminati, and poisonous sisterhoods and other covens and cover associations, in this institution they will learn of the powers they own and harness them and enjoy dark deeds with others.

* Many in the dark guilds will do things according to the guilt construct and start to engage in the dance of death, the macabre. This stage is not part of the true ascension but is actually the opposite, and at any time one might receive initiation, as the victim of rapture was only toyed with before (but in the true guild the scrying has you initiated so the predestined are the ones who will gain admittance, really this was just a paradoxical choice of the scryer). From the moment of expected acceptance, the guild will delude the mind, and force sin, vice and entice dark pleasures. As those in the commune engage they will exhibit the usual signs of remorse and will allow mood swings and dark states. The most advanced in the guild will experience and exist as the total of “a psychoneurotic megalomaniac sycophantic sociopath” which in the possibility of discovery will release a psychopathic break. Up until the break, the member will show signs of regret and as they embody the wish to flee that evil life. From these signs the wish to exit will manifest as actions done to get caught.

-note: Not all guilds, sororities and organizations are dark, but most will have a bias intent or bigoted purpose for segregation at heart.



Back to the discussed dark ascension

* As confusion sets in the victim will lash out randomly and will attempt to hurt society to be heard. This causes death and can end in murder, suicide, or both.


The Charismatic

*Those who will pose no future threat to the guilt construct will be left alone and allowed to exist freely, as nothing more can be gained from them, they with the charisma understood will be drawn to the world stage or to greater works.

*Their minds at peace no longer incepted they will become

Greater comic
Great stage actor
Or will excel in any profession ventured
if a skill is present they may excel further with it, such as at musical force which while incepted will allow mass empathy. with this gained effect, one can in avoiding greed gain higher authority and venture into new ideals and such promotions of humanity.


Resonance powers

*Some will attempt to change the church as it stands and become a higher acolyte but will forget the true path once involve as the moral compass and present issues come first.

*cheating at gambling becomes a possibility, as does a mass variety of illegal or semi legal pursuits such as con men.

*the other side of the criminal act is the impressions of magic and showmanship. Some will register as hypnotist or psychics.


The death squads

*The Jihad will plot attacks as they have suffered in a terrible state of local society, having civil innocence robbed as they witnessed, were involved with, or condoned past murders.

*Serial killers are created with misunderstandings when they dwell on the wrongs done to them in the past, such as rapture and other abuses will drive them to this but they will beg to be caught. With the voices, they will lash out in an attempt to end them or make them fear but will always be the wrong decision in murder.

*Rage killers just lost in lost killing glory they will only die when killed after a possible crime spree.


The Enlightened

*Too few just cross their legs sit down and wait.

*Some at the enlightenment stage will seek a historical place of one from the past who has achieved enlightenment and attempt to follow the historical path now lost to another time.

*After sitting in starvation many with too much pride fall to the street, release to insanity and once homeless will suffer or die.


The vengeance

*Those with the enlightenment will now attempt to defend society from this perceived evil, compassionate method and chivalry might at this point fail. These are not misguided but just without total patients to suffer and contemplate a proper direction for solutions.

*Some will run but become a biker/ranger

*some become a warrior, join the army and gain first blood

* at this point the churches are often rebuked and forgotten.


The secret abilities enhanced

*Many work to forget, those that ran in the beginning make it to fame and are left alone or are over taxed so they can no longer hear, at this point great temptations are offered, gambling is easy, the stock market is tempting, but will offer defeat.

*A Few will attempt to not be a victim of others with the abilities and so go on the offensive directly against the guilds and sororities or children. This again causes slayings.

*Some bend faith and become a leading idol of an occult with the promise of prosperity. But with only one leader the fundamental outside world will always defeat these false messiahs.

*The patient will grow to understand self in a much greater manner


The forthcoming

* the last stages are constants as they attempt to bring control and return Nirvana with peace and truth to the world. Some will create great nations or dynasties, others great structures, some will be revered throughout history as their names become the truth in immortality.

*those who pass from the earth willing and free into death have passed the final tests.

*those who are removed forcefully become martyrs to their hard fought causes.

Perfection still does not exist for any child of life and with each the stages of ascension will be without bound list or control, fitting alone in the times and places they exist in.

Due to the stages of the dark ascension, the proper fifty to fifty ratio of females verse males with awareness of the ability consummated conception exists at thirty to one.

7. Secondary Improper Abilities

All who attempt to look at the future and believe it or act upon it will to easily be caught in a paradox or a multi-paradox as multiple looks are taken.

While it is always wrong to behold and scry. It is these below professions that at least attempt to make the truth of what is involved from the rapture known. Many in privileged society do not admit these truths about themselves.


*This is the truest sense of healing, done with general knowledge of mental health sciences gaining understanding from interviews. Sympathetic knowledge can be employed but the temptation to rapture must be avoided.

*With inception enabled one should not be found in public care.



*As proponents of sociology they combine the abilities of rapture, intuitive connections, and sympathetic general knowledge usually done with compassion but also for monetary gain. While psychics can derive truth they will never be totally true. A psychic can not truly identify without engaging the intuitive rapture, and using an aid or the true subject to behold and scry.

*Outside inception someone who is reported psychic will always create a greater sense of accomplishment and help those in need when found in proper careers that do not require a need of incite from the patients mind.



*To govern with aid of this ability of beholding and scrying will always be improper. It will lead to robbing one to pay another and this will be evident in the so called aided society.



*Some fortune tellers use divination and imagination with general knowledge of the human condition.

*It should be warned that this as in psychic forecasting is the truest extent of the rapture.

*These may take a scrying look of intuition with the beheld vision gained by a rapture taken by the customer or by a partner.


Palm readers

*Again these may also take a scrying look at the intuition gained by the customer or from a rapture taken by a partner.

*This like all can be done in many ways, using general sceince in what the hands creases do truly mean. Some are true when they just tell someone what they need to hear.



*This is possible within the nominal of the super-ego. The connection is titled telepathy when it occurs with someone connected outside the bonds of love. This will occur when someone has sperm in their minds and is stronger when it is personal or from the same subject donor.



*One can see what another sees when both are awake. This occurs again with high concentrations of and will work both ways but the harem (the same sperm) must apply within each subject.


Extra sensory perception

*This can occur by the use of others perceptions of an event as it happens. A football player can make decisions based on what the audience witnesses, similar to superhuman reflexes.



*Regression is done to bring a persons mind back to an event, but with hypnotism to connect one must rapture. The beholder might take a memory long lost or repressed in life, and free the memory or take the true memory a of birth and so keep it for purposes of later study and theft. As the beholder takes these memories they might be granted back to the true participant depending upon maturity, but they might be skewed or muddled with another’s experiences.

*Hypnotism can also create false impressions in the mind such as paranoia or improper response; once hypnotized the control of a weaker person is utterly absolute and nearly permanent so long as an inception is kept.

*This goes against the very nature of the Declaration of Independents as it stands.



*This is seen as a faithful person who attempts to speak and promote the truth. While they might have been attacked with the rapture this just give them another tool and another point to find structure for. A prophet will not use scrying and so avoid such to the point of opposition. The faith of instinct will propel with intuition gained from those unclean who would rapture around them. One should understand a prophet rules with morality and will misstep in demands of critical thinking. One should always keep introspective prognostication to one self.



*This is the ability to assess ones dreams, while many have understood the ideas in dreams or even taken part in them. The ability to tell someone what the dreams they have are truly about is a gift often impossible to relate. This comes from the understanding of the lives of those who might be hosting the visions for them and is a gift only without the rapture.



*Divination is the music of the celestial spheres and involves those who would anthropomorphize seemingly inanimate objects for a telling. These objects are what a prophet might blame for the cause in life. True divination is a level of faith and possible chance.



*This is done after the rapture and is done to find the truth from an untrue future. This is the act done between two who have no intent on birth or who wish to deny any true conception or ideas, even to the point of infliction and attack.



*This is the sight of clairvoyance given to spook and can combine with invoking. It takes the rapture and usually involves acting for the beholder, dummies, or a television recording watched by one in a partial trance who has the intent of granting vision to the clouded and believing mind who is to witnesses the vision.

*In or near a grave yard, one incepted can be aware of those wraiths connected to those still fresh in the ground as the corpse still lies incepted the wraiths mourn.


Paranormal experiences

*As like apparition or a phantasm this is found, but also dreams can seem real to some. They can seem so life like that they are believed or in other cases, they might believe the scrying image they have either had taken from them or as they beheld to be real. This is just a level of dementia.

*This accounts for the most part of alien abductions, but some can be found as the revisited memory of an incubation chamber lost as a taken or repressed memory which was gained in infancy and returns to the adult mind.

* For the most part as the scryed and envisioned futures return to the rapture victim they are miscarriages of false conceptions a person might undergo and accept or be reduced to massive dementia or derangement.



*In the instance of a normal vision, one can be looking with scrying or witnessing a scryed image in the instant of when a dreamer passes into the victim of rapture.

*Visions again can come as one entranced sends images to the target.


Other careers abused.

* While this ability can be found and abused in all other business, it will appear worse in those such as gambling, and the stock market. Taken as acts by a secretary for promotion, and abused in occult fashion to undermine government, lawful authority, and medical practitioners. It will be used in criminal fields for con-artistry, prostitution, pan handling, and mostly for instances of fraud.

Kleine-levin syndrome

The state of inception will result in a lack of fulfillment and healing in rest due to awareness in dream and the inability to fully heal the body.

8. Idealist Mental States


*Founded by Gautama Buddha’s understanding of the environment of rapture, he faced Mara who’s visage can be seen in the effigy of the engorged statue of Mara as the Buddha. Guatama was a person who for a long time sat with famine and ate sand as Mara attempted to align as she swallowed with him, the coarse sands burned but it dissuaded Mara’s persistence. Buddha spent his time after in council and on his feet walking from place to place.


Magi Triune

When aware of this the state of knowledge one can defend against the “opposer” when it attacks the mind.



*Tibetan monks sat attempting to seek what was long lost in past. Many attempted to breach the divine and speak with deities. They of contemplation understood in greater method, but enlightenment is actually sought and not simply force to be understood. All can achieve their needed enlightenment, but should not close out the foreign worlds to seek what others have spoken about to perceive.



*This is a movement started as a response to enlightenment and what came of this ability to seek the proper caste appointment, it morphed into what it is, as Nirvana was understood by those who found the first glimpses of what occurs from rapture.


Taoist Zen Meditation

*This was the true state of single mind control. After Confucius many had the chance to rethink what was the truth. Tao had the pleasure of existing alone in Nirvana.


Astral plane existence

*This is a more modern view of the dream state and Nirvana with its beginnings in the time of ether sciences. All have can experience Nirvana, as dreams are for all.


Other notable entries

*while this list is long indeed the below is not the total or is the true knowledge fully available.

-Aristotle: Mind, body, and spirit.
-Freud: Ego, Super-ego, Id
-Marxist: states of socialist communism
-James Redfield :Celestine prophecy
- the Urim and Thummim

*Truly there are many examples of found in the fictional world.

-Gene Roddenberry: Betazoids, Vulcans, and the Borg, the Dominion, and Q.


Enhanced Personification

*when famed one will when incepted enter and be aware of a much different dream state, in this one can commune with those they have worked with on a regular basis. The images and people on television should be those of the highest respect.

9. Altruism

Panacea: Sperm is the cause of all that is currently written here, below and above.



*Is done when healthy sperm is taken into the body, it will infuriate the sinus cavities and brain stem, this imperative for child creation and allows the passage of conception.



*While it is possible to conceive an idea alone; to share a true conception one must make the mental exchange. An idea is conversed or shown.
*a new child will begin from the bonds of love with accepted and proper ecstasy and the conception passes with the look of pure intuition.



*Is the inception of a vagina

Anencephaly - brainless babies with no skull, result of a bad fertility treatment of coitus or extremely unhealthy sperm.



*Is the action that causes child creation when it is engaged for the proper reason. The ecstasy during this act will pass the conception of a new sol. If the birth is off, the intuition gained from the look will be enough to mutually stop the consummation until a later date.



*Is a mother with a successful consummation and conception.



*Is the periods of the trimesters until the birth itself.


For The defense

*While I can not know for certain, if these statements are true those who are lacking eyes completely will be without new offspring.

*Or better the female who is not incepted will be free from pregnancy.

*A father does know when he has had a conception of a child, a vivid dream is the indication. The acceptance of granting such a conception even without proof would be the form the final understanding. A mature male must agree to allow the passage for conception of child. “the eye is the window to the sol, and so to for the new birth of one”

10. Realist Mental States


*Wakeful mind aware of self; can make decisions done with intent



*Wakeful mind aware of self; can determine or mentally plan and investigate an outcome.



*Similar o relating to super-ego
*Is the underlying pre-dream or beta state of the mind.



*similar or relating to the Id
*Is in the truest state without dreamed vision from others. In this state pure healing exists when in black sleep. Yet it is in this that we will connect with the first legs of the global conscious and other sapient unconscious minds


Global conscious

*General bond that connects all living things



*The understanding of what is right and wrong granted from global conscious, and accepted by the unconscious first. The conscience can be deterred by the state of others found connected to an individual sub-conscious.



*The understanding gained from intuition.

11. Myth Mention

The devil

The devil is a man who when in the dark ascension becomes ultra violent towards women.


*This is a subject chosen to undergo a switch. This is done to bring a father, a mother against the child, or to be free in torturing the parents without notice through the stolen babe. When the switch is done the child will be understood to not be either that of the mother or the father so the child will be treated without knowledge like an adopted child, but it will never be rejected.



*the Proteus is a stage of hypnosis.

*Using rapture and mostly taken of a male; a gorgon can take on the persona of a sleeping victim. This requires sperm to be in both minds, and works best when the victims own sperm is present.

*To engage the subject who will be perceiving the persona as an overlay, the subject will also need to be incepted, and to be truly effective will require an understanding of who the dreamer is.

*The semen can be gained from spillage and does not require gifting, but when the Proteus uses a victim’s persona with sperm that was not freely given for a freedom of a felony the victim will awaken and the truth will be revealed.

*Since those who know a person will recognize the persona this can lead to sensual infidelity, and is also used in fraud, but is only used in the most dire of circumstance.

*as a dreamer and looking at another who also holds a persona, the persona held will be envisioned first when the dreamers have normal connections with each other in life.



*A gorgon is a female who is attempting to become male.

*This attempt has many purposes, but most will do this after failing to birth a child from stolen sperm or will do so to gain schizophrenic abilities.

*Devic's Syndrome Neuromyelitis Optica- the gorgon who fails in the attempt of a switch and has problems with the biological functions. To gain control of the oracle they would become engaged after the rapture and conform to the oracles habits and sleeping patterns, as the bodies align they would allow the mentality of the oracles to control their physiology when it was time to go to urinate and defecate or ingest as to swallow. They might also in this vast world bring them to dream often in an opposing time zone to help the alignment. They are aware of the biological function and willingly accept it but are not truly connected

These gorgons found guilty by them alone and would allow the picked on male to retain control and would defecate and urinate at improper times just to enhance and promote the sense of self hatred, as the want for repentance comes as they let themselves be punished in this manner for failure. This can relate to a fundamental connection, as a soon to be a pregnant wife requires the use of a husbands bowel control to control her own while still retain enough intelligence for child growth, the abuse rapture of an unhealthy gorgon will then spurn them.



*A demogorgon is the hopeful replacement or a double of a victim. While they could be male to female, most will be female to male.

*These are attempted at a young age, and it is both a torture for the child who will be replaced and the child attempting it. The child who willingly demogorgon’s herself will be willing to attempt it, will gain schizophrenia and so inflict will upon others as a stronger hypnotist. .

*It can now be a successful operation but does not result in a true change, just general appearance and without modern pharmaceuticals, treatments and surgery, this can not be true, it is truly just a false belief present in desire.

*The gorgon must rapture the chosen male at a young age to attempt the switch and this is done to bring an oracle into existence. The child gorgon would be duped in many ways and allowed or performed by the insidious nature of a step mother or adoptive parent who will use the child for gains.

*when the child prevents womanhood with steroid abuse and a hysterectomy, the powers of the mind will increase as the body no longer needs to waste intelligence points on menstruation and puberty. This is what will increase the intent and strength of the force of the rapture and hypnosis. But the powers are fleeting existing only for a short while until the state of full maturity is reached.

*the gorgon is the victim of extreme self want, but when a demogorgon is finally confronted and convinced of the truth of the inner self the only outcome will be a great lack of emotion yet it will have a flood of tears when near others, left alone it will commit suicide. The demogorgon must be confronted in a highly public place and then left alone without known companionship but it must still be surrounded by the general public.



*These are post pubescent males who have most likely slept with a female and may have been rapture many times. They will attempt to make themselves females from the want and desires of the gorgons after the rapture.

*While this could be done due to a gorgon’s or a demogorgon’s intent it can also come from the needs of women who remains permanently incepted for the abilities of hypnotism it brings. The transformation is done to promote the sense of intelligence, idea, or gain general information such as dictionary definitions and understanding of literature and languages, in another usually a female or the gorgon herself. The change also happens from the woman’s need to find an equal place in male dominate society, and so leads to the successful takeover of a males mentality and ideas.

*The females but not the gorgons who have assisted and promoted the gorgon and won domination might ingest the remains of the gonads after they are detached, this offers the final true connection from the semen taken to allow the final processing. After that the gains are gone, and the man is forever a victim of misplaced sensual desire.

*when an oracle finally decides to eunuch the father will share the pain and possibly undergo a psychopathic break



*Angels are infants who have been a victim of the Gomorrah and were tucked as infants. This is done in response to the beheld vision from the rapture of the child as the male might act out violently against the mother.

*An angel could also be created in hopes of switching the sexual nature of the infant in hopes of a daughter instead of a son.

*this is also done in an attempt to bring pain directly to the father when the child is re-introduced.

*With the regular use of birth control as false estrogen, this state might never truly be known. A fear of intimacy may exist, and strange physical changes later in life may occur.



*Cherubs are tucked infants who fall back out at a young age.


The Venus

*is the male Cherub who falls back out and chooses to remain “female”


The unermen

While rare, the unerman is an infant girl who is surgically manipulated male and remains dependent on artificial steroids and medical care.


*This is one who has attempted to degrade the connection with a beholder, and as the bodies connected separate or the beholder engages in famine, the digestive system can not properly function. The urine then exits the alimentary canal via the anus and so bypasses the bladder, this can also form when the kidneys of a beholder shut down.

*this can happen when the female lover dies while strong within the connection, but without the males knowledge.



*This is the proper term of the true changling; as a child is born (created) to replace the child of parents for reasons of vengeance, while the replaced child will be loved in adoption the true child allowed to be tormented in secret, thus bringing torment to the parents through the bonds of empathy.



*Gomorrah was usually found as an attack against a weaker male; the gonads are pushed up higher into the pelvic region and the penis is also so forcefully retracted then the empty sac was penetrated. Gomorrah will usually inflict severe trauma to the groin region, and if the sac is truly penetrated thought to break the hymen of a male it will when left untreated result in death.

*Gomorrah was a hedonic pleasure done with the belief that the penetrated male after bleeding out and if surviving would magically become female and so be impregnatable. The resulting survivors of the act of Gomorrah created the stories of some biblical angels or the format seen as the oracle of Delphi.

-Note: while it may be enticing to experience the unknown, in sexual respects fear is not apparent of that unknown. The fetus will have chosen the sex for itself in the womb within three days of embryonic gestation of the first trimester even if the signs are not apparent for many weeks after. A male can use the Gomorrah to survive in harsh climes dissolving stores of high energy estrogen in body fat when lost in cold water or without water in a hot desert, but prolonging this procedure would cause failure to the gonads as testicles, and result in a permanent state of fatigue an unhealthy appearance and no libido for life thereafter.



*Sodomy we know as the act of anal penetration done homosexually or with a female partner its results are not pleasant, such as malignant mitosis.

*Sodom and Gomorrah truly were two villages that existed. The usual story told after all the inhabiting females abandoned those villages after drugging the men to flee from captive ownership, endless abuses, and rape.


Extorting introspection

*This is the general use of rapture for gains, used in many things and is the fundamental method of espionage.
*It is sad but to a deranged mother a child is nothing more than a product, it is owned and can be used for gains and in barter. It is normal for a mother to always grant protection, but when the babe is release this can occur after adoption by a step-mother or adoptive mother.



*A woman on the fringe and typically forced antisocial for the chosen profession.

Note- Semen can be addictive in many but it is unknown if the addiction is from nature or from the sense of power gained.



*One of those who raptures, they are of both sexes, and will take advantage of charisma in a dark manner. They will attempt to seduce and entice to sully the incepted mind of an innocent.



*Witches are the older vampires as everlasting life is elusive to all. Good witches can exist, but would still be guilty of rapture. Witches are those who sully foodstuffs with semen and use other potions and agents to work for them. Witches usually keep antisocial to specific coven, and arranged so that each individual might branch out to a different coven creating the indirect covin commune.

*A good witch would create a coven over vast distances to enhance the life found close to and around them, but in truth this is impossible when rapture is committed.



*These will freeze prey and take what can be had or they will break free of the law and release others of there clan or coven. These work for the scryers who prey on the future for the conception of ideas.



*The minion is a weaker individual who will do the bidding of a beholder. It is true that when in the progress of maturity youths can be easily tempted and swayed to evil intents by the grasp of the mind. This rapture of the mind is a possession.


Zombie lords and zombies

*The zombie lord is the body in entranced.

*The zombie is the body near death or just after who rises in short bursts after quite trauma and death such as hypoxia. While it is near impossible to believe the vampire rises again this way, it is possible as the whole clan sleeps entranced with a photo or icon of the subject they mourn in commiseration.

12. Rapture

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