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12. The Rapture


*Rapture is done when a person who is not a spouse creates a mental connection of extreme force, and is done with recognition through the eyes while incepted. This is ecstasy for the beholder when done as an attack.


The purpose of the rapture

*The main reason the connection exists is to form a bond of love between two individuals for a child to imprint within. When the bond is created and the two are joined the pair become as of one mind, but still they exist as two bodies. They will begin to blend with each other, as they enter into harmony their tones of personality will blend and become euphonious.

*Done between a couple is the greatest engagement possible of life to date, but in an environment where rapture is common and done as attacks in public, or shared by multiple people the tone becomes erratic as the beat and tempo are lost to the lack of the symphony conductor and missing tablature so resulting in the cacophony of the mind.


For the child

*Within inception one should only have a single pregnancy, the child grown to full maturity and ready to depart the family home before another child is conceived. This gives a break of nearly twenty years between periods of inception for greater work to be accomplished, for growth and healing to be done, and for personal life to be greater and more rewarding as real skills are learned.

*It seems undesirable to have only a single child, but when in the love of the bond it is easier when the competition of siblings is not found. When a multi-parea comes in a single pregnancy the reward due to the lack of the generation inability to be a true first or second is apparent, and the bond between siblings will be greater than found from a parted genesis of children.


To part from

*To leave Nirvana one needs to be with patience or a prescription can be given as a parade of homeopathic drugs taken in combined sequence to speed the break. As with any biological acceleration, it is expected that there are side effects to early departure.



*Found in the fifth amendment of the constitution.

*Presentment is defined as a sense of foreboding about a topic, and applies to that of criminal activity. This charter right removes all rights of the person it is cast upon or requested or claim it.

*Since those who have been the victim of rapture might not be in full control of their own faculties they can not be held personally accountable for words spoken or actions taken while incepted. A tribunal is determined to find if the person is incepted and other guilty parties may be sought.

*it can not ever be proven for all found in script that changes has no secondary fact sheet, but as time has progressed many sacred documents have been changed. Presentiment is not found in my Webster Encyclopedic Reference Dictionary 1949 Chicago. As a word found in the American constitution I find hard to believe it excused.


The war in Iraq

*This is done right now for many reasons, but the greater three are

-Defeat of the male lead tribes in domination (villages of Lebanon) of those lands who still hold understanding of the true state of rapture and show hatred for the puppets controlled in the United States.
-As a current defense from capture to weaken troop levels
-As an attack of confusion to create a threat to beguile and remove attentions from the less perceived interior threat the beholding covens create.

*while it is hard to prove, many of the known main historic conflicts find a source from this agenda of rapture.



*Women can not learn to read or write: done to prevent dyslexia.

*mandatory Veils: done to prevent temptation and prevent a beholder’s gaze.

*no images of Muhommad: done to prevent inculcation from memory of the likeness, as in a photograph.

*the Mohammadean is naturally misogynic as they are the usual stereotype who willfully ingests semen is a female. It is uncertain to me if semen was known as the cause at that time.

-Note: Mohammaed never wrote his own name into English.


Script writing verses the Heisenberg uncertainty principle

*While this is a mathematical term, it still applies to those who would look at the future. This is like Jane Goodall and the gorillas, while Jane’s intention is to record how the lowland grey back gorillas live, the only achievement is recording the lives of Gorilla’s living with Jane in the environment. Jane must always record her own actions as she interacts with the gorillas, or else not tell true information of study.

*This principle is the butterfly flapping its wings in china and creating a hurricane in Toledo, while the hurricane might be caused by that butterfly to swat the fly might cause the earthquake at home in the next decade.

*The principle is best applied to fundamental particle physics. The scientist who looks at an atom with a photonic light the photons must bounce off of it. This will inevitably change the particles charge and position from the looking as it absorbs and changes resonance and velocity from the glance.

*When one looks at the future, they can not react passively they must by nature change the response by what was envisioned, so a new future is created from the new response to the future. As they change what was, what is now becomes different and always one step ahead of the scryer. This type of action can only lead to a paradox which will trap all participants until the future is left alone. Orthodox thinking.

*To know the true lives of the gorillas without intervention, one must only wonder or be a real gorilla. To view the gorillas, a remote camera might be used, but the shear action of remote viewing could give the gorillas the sense of being watched and so alter their regular behaviours.

*Let the butterfly create the hurricane, the hurricane might be beneficial or a bird with sympathetic need might catch the butterfly. Better yet don’t attempt to know it.

*The Heisenberg principle found its way into Star Trek, as the transporter held a Heisenberg compensator to make the transporter function.

*When engaged in consummation, the action of looking for a conception from the future, will be meant for the child to be created, and so promote a better chance of a greater child as it is left alone in intuition. If the child is wrong the mating would automatically stop with the intuitive action of rolling off or puling out and would deny the act to be finished at that time and cause a period waiting to be tried again with out viewing. A medical examination of the participants might even be commenced of the menstruation and the semen.


*What is taken from incite through scrying can then only really be used easily in script writing, what was once a great invention for the world, or a needed cure from a problem is now lost and that person who was responsible for the change is driven to insanity or aspersion or lost to one of the stages of the ascension.

Rapture is truly a bi-fucking of someone it as of a polygamy is unlawful in carnal knowledge.

*When any beheld future is scryed the victim of rapture must not only be subjected to reality in a first person notion and the other mentalities currently aware of him from a picture or other source, but must also realize the improper parallel future as part of his witnessed dementia.

*further paradox information is nearly endless, and should truly hold only a place in science fiction.

13. The human condition

The Environment of Temptations

*Even in the modern era we are still trapped to an animalistic environment. The “man” exists to dominate and spread seed and create general population, the “woman” exists in the state of general control (she carries, so it is her body her choice), and those who are righteous are appalled by the idea of general intercourse of a sentient species. “Women” have gained the control with contraceptive pharmaceuticals but what man would accept general chemical castration? The hysterectomy is the turn off for the “man” as the body now presents no purpose for pursuit, and the vasectomy the absolute domination applied by a “woman”.

*What turns on those righteous, but a true love, and to lose virginity would deny the ability to be the object of the gentleman of virtues affection. So the gentleman is despised by the “woman” no longer the object of desire and the man is allowed to reap the benefit. In the end civility falls to the environment of applied temptations, and the chaste lady is lost to be raped without constant presence of chivalry.

*(True love waits and those who pursue it will not settle or grant concessions to lust.)


Refined Sex

*Sexual relation is observed of interactions from opposites of a sexual dogma. Reproduction is just an objective, but we might also gallivant when with the opposite sex. Sexual relation does not always imply the pursuit of copulation, but can include such behaviours. The sexual relation is found when a pre-determined response is expected of the sexual stereotype.

*Gender is the classed difference. Found as male, female, asexual, and can include polymorphic states of the hermaphrodite or eunuch. This comparison is made for the scientific study of sexual relations

*The truth to copulation is intercourse sought for both pleasure and reproduction but found defined as sensual relations and includes homosexual engagements.

*Love making is for the purpose of life the product of procreation is a child.


The Cults

*This is in relation to the cults of hell which envelopes those who are incepted and commit rapture. The cults of hell have found many titles starting with the Amazons, the Cathar and the Beguine, and each have responded by adding new methods to those who would attempt to stop them or to thwart their methods and means. If it was found that a foundation of two happily married parents would created a child that would be a threat, the parents would be broken apart, or if a persons own reputation was grandiose in achievement and warranted attention those of the cult would sully it before the person had the chance and so ruin that life before it could ever gain the achievement and was done usually with the accusation of rape, whoring, or murder.

In this modern time we must understand the psychic bonds that commit these people from child hood and understand the guilt construct they are intertwined into. While they individually would not do these things, these dark acts; included as a member of the parties of damnation they will involve themselves with acts they would normally avoid or be threatened with the persecuted of the guilds. Guilt binds them in for eternity, this the true sense of selling ones sol, but it is only a sell out and not a patronage.

History is full of the battles that have been fought, in truth one can not break the commandments and so one is bound to attempt to only heal and take the abuses those of the cults would deliver upon us.



While those of the construct are attached by guilt alone the normal populous response to the charisma of these incepted people and so become false believers.


Gay behaviour

*Gay attitude can be attributed to the expected behaviours of a male who is willing incepted by another male. The behaviours can be different in a male who is incepted forcefully or unwittingly, but that inception can promote willing inception from the intent of those who have committed rapture.

*Created from willing acts, gayness is only a result and should be viewed as a classic form of dementia from inception.

*Lesbianism is usually created from a dislike of the normal expectations of feminine society or results from the subjection at an early age to a sensual abuse.



*This is the act of one who is trapped or left without option.
*It is also the act of those who have the charismatic ability and attempt to control a mass with the abilities known to be present or think that mass amounts from a multitude of donors can grant them greater knowledge and power.


Aggravated cheating

*When sperm is donated to the coven from and unwitting or willing sensual partner, the guild can use the bonds it creates after ingestion to steal the mate. This is found as acts in the realms of the harem.


Aggravated abuse

*When Rapture is engaged at a domestic level everyday arguments can escalate to the point of frustration from lost words, points and many lost arguments, without provable reason this can lead to such an incited act or provoked attack.


The Harem

*The harem is a group of --, who used the same general host donor between them all.
In monogamy they will engage in the secondary environment where they are meant to work out who belongs as the true dominance in the relationship found as the alpha, but in harem this is lost to the arrangement yet an alpha is still present. In the local of each coven or harem exchanges the semen of their partners will creates a universal field of contact. In truth it is one male with one female, the arrangement coupled with rapture has incarcerated the world under the third state of hell.



*Done as an act to gain possessions while not needing to work, this is a type of prostitution but no true transaction is made and the possession is insinuated.


The spoiled children

*A spoiled daughter will be able to control a father if that child gains his semen. In this admonishment is broken and prevented.

*The goblin is the children after incepted who plague elders with difficulties on purpose and never stop eating.


*This has been in law seven times in the recent past, as recent as the end of WW1, WW2, and the after the Salem witch trials.

-Note: the American Supreme Court scales of justice statuette, who has a full male package and full breasts.

*Millenniums of great men and women have fought this pain, and many of them founded religions we now follow or empires we now only remember.

*This is the result of cultural growth, found in nutrition from the entire world, and needs to be dealt with from a cultural level. It must be allowed just put out and freely taught. In this world there are currently over thirty million genius’s with this ability, and in the coming decades the number will rocket to one fifth the population.



*If The CIA’s program ever existed their information gathered would be a support to this

14. The Reason of Lessons

It is imperative that we understand that history holds those truly to blame as even superman attempted to keep his secret long enough to find a true answer and only informed the highest of government employees and church statesmen. As the greater guilt of what the super-ego can be aware of is from the far past the guilt construct is able to gain hold from a mass history of violence. Those currently in life are not guiltily of that past but are trapped to defend, and so guiltily in preventing knowledge of that truth.

I would recount that history now, but I do not have those millennia to spare so I can share it here. But it should be known that some of those told to be terrible never were, and some stories from the past are truly only half of the whole story.


The need and purpose of marriage

*This is intended to control the output of semen and control the environment of sentient being.
*It is imperative that a child know both true parents to be legitimate born and to have that environment of stable growth for life.

*The looks of intuition should only come at the time of consummation for child creation.
*the capture of scrying should never occur, or be done by the husband alone to determine the reason for the mis-consummation and only after a full medical exam.



*this is the covenant made for one must remain male and with virtue until marriage.

*This was a lesson for those who would be oracles, it would protect the child from the angelic states. With the foreskin taken it was nearly impossible to reverse the ascetic look of the genitalia. Surviving the turmoil that comes from the attack, it would bring a sol closer to virtue and would enhance the protection of that virtue with memory of the event.
*With the memory present a male would need to be loved severely to consummate and it would be great if society could advance to civilization and be rid of its need.

*With a female the circumcision is done only after a warning in childhood. With a warning of pregnancy before marriage forbidden but ignored the father of that daughter would need to now engage in forced actions against the man who impregnated his child or be found without honour. This creates undue stress and burden on the family, creates tensions in the society they are found in, and can create warfare in the worst cases. Marriage or the convent.

*If a daughter should be caught outside favor and engaged in debauchery, the punishment would fit the crime, hence when sensually promiscuous the daughter would be circumcised and the son would from greater circumcision lose the entire head of his penis.


Arranged marriage

*Is impossible as love comes before all else.

*Unions can only be arranged by the ones who will be married. With marriage ,even in eloping with a certificate in hand the father can not challenge, and should welcome the new attachment to the family.



*With all the lessons held, abortion need only be done willingly but should be done naturally. Abortion will be achieved with exposure and famine as one is left exposed in after travel to a harsh climate. One who aborts should not be without sufferings, and this method keeps to the Hippocratic Oath for the doctor. Rehabilitation will be needed after.


To oracle as the punishment for rape

*One who rapes repeatedly needs to be incarcerated for a mass amount of time, done until self castration is engaged. One who has raped and still granted an infant while in prison will have such a reaction. If the male does not commit to be an oracle the male is not guilty of the true nature of the crime.



*The punishment for rapture is still to be found but turnaround derangement might be the final toll or alone in the inability to give birth of child to life.

*The only possible natural defeat for one who beholds for the purpose of future capture is to deny them when yawning, this is a dangerous practice and will cause other problems in life as the beholder is granted a conception but only to the cells in the mind of the beholder. The scryer has no known defeat but will have a fetal bond with that beholders new growth in the mind.


The worst parts

*As rape is of the body,
Rapture is of the mind.

*The body of the person who is a victim of rapture is totally denied, this self in the modern life is basically erased. As those who are about the world with this ability have command of all that happens in the subject victims life since birth, and know the outcome of most situations of that body they can manipulate and control those who would grant concessions to the victim, deny them or remove them from the victim with a glance from a demogorgon placed it his stead.

The boy is now without guard or truth in upbringing, and is subjected to a horrific lifestyle of a genius. As the body was totally denied, and as role models would ignore or spurn him, he is left to fend for himself. Separated from a mother, the child would be left so defenseless it would most likely suffer a tragedy when a future exists in which he would rebel against the occult.

The Mind of the boy is subjected to a great deal of psychological trauma, and this stress can compare to post traumatic stress, and is linked to aspersers syndrome. But the worst part is the effect that past sins have on these victimized minds. Their bodies subjected to torment, the mind in ravaged anguish will rebel in a possibly violent outcome, as the occult holds control the body is ignored and subjugated to oppression and condemnation. The past sins in an not fully mature mind can not without foreknowledge of the constant hypnotic control think to deny the acts suggested unless the act is so against known style that the victim can shrug off the idea, this also happens when the victim is swayed from ideas or commitments by the controlling mind. As the body sins, and the mind agrees with the beholder, the mind itself gains guilt from the connection and misdeed or be miss-lead with the seduction of Stockholm syndrome.

As the mind is turned, the victim will act from its own will and so engage in activities that not only condemn the body but taint the sol itself.

The end

In the end, these people need rescue from themselves, and do not need further pains from society even if it is they who continue the cause the demise and prevent civilization, we must grow past this state, and that is only done with acceptance of what is truth. We can not attack these vile dæmons in vengeance we might only defend our own children from them and their temptations spreading these words for the protection of others.

In the truth we should only be crazy when in love with a wife with the reasons of a child.

This the work of one William Courtland.


The petition of Asylum: to be presented to the public trust for the purpose of gaining general information and acknowledgement of such possible transgressions to exist.


As a willing witness of what is termed as Rapture (“I” As petitioner) formally request protection of any controlling body or organization whom could offer threat for my admission when found breaking an oath granted to a (generational occult/hidden religion and/or group) and so also in such allowance of witness seek the prevention of government persecution for the actions (“I” As petitioner) have committed or may so been coerced to act or take, and seek pardon for other crimes against humanity (“I” As petitioner) may have so been involved with.

To remove myself from the group/occult/secret religion (“I” As petitioner) give admittance of all that (“I” As petitioner) have done while engaged. As mind control does exist (“I” As petitioner) can only take partial responsibility of reason of intent. While (“I” As petitioner) decry that others may be involved, (“I” As petitioner) so find in this request for asylum that am sworn against telling for use of justice purposes who might also have been involved with me.

(“I” As petitioner) agree to the right of granting an affidavit if requested to include what wrongs (“I” As petitioner) have committed while so enrolled to free myself from the burden of any guilt as confession that may sway my ability for sound mind and body in witnessing for the purpose of providence or asylum against the guilt construct.

(“I” As petitioner) Now understand that my wrongdoings in rapture are a contributor of the great problems in life, but (“I” As petitioner) also understand that those problems hold root causes in historic associations of past reasoning’s and actions which with inception I was included to feel partially responsible for. It is this first historic guilt. (“I” As petitioner) seek a true freedom from, and so wish to return conscience living to my stead for the present, and promote with reasons of protection for the future of others not yet included.

For the true purpose of this petition I will now and forever restrain from engaging in further rapture and acts of internal mental ravage, and will also abstain from progressing in others the intent of ravaging a mind or causing mental anguish.

Name of petitioner:

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