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The Commandments (revised for better English interpretation)

1. (pure love) a vow is one of honour; love is of the only vow; the vow the only bond worth anything in life; life is in your children’s eyes, protect them without, as you would the spirit within. Making love only with one you honour most in such a sacred vow, sacrosanct; virtue and chastity one forever

2. Have no god before the true God of virtue, as he is first of virtue in remembrance. Keep no images cast of him or any lord, as the truth to there livelihood lies in the way they lived, remembered for the reasons of self which they ruled and lived by. Hold them sacred in the houses and greater buildings they formed to hold the educated every solid structure is a house of a lord, built with a plan in mind, to create a place of comfort, a home.

3. Take not the lords names in vain, they served and died for all we hold, and worked for us to be allowed to hold it, civilized and humane them all, founded greater as diction grew, as diction is a truth of their passing. The lesser godz of old legend simply teach us lessons; the wise will learn from their example; they the first to make mistakes possibly dieing for them, so we may take notice to avoid them.

4. Obey the Sabbath laws, as everyone needs a break, take time for yourself to refresh and contemplate in peace, even from children if necessary, and spend it with love ones you hold dear when available, alone when needed.

5. Do not murder sentient life or take of it in sacrifice. Do not kill for sacrifice without need, the sacrifice of life taken to feed, and so the needs of family fulfilled, as you eat meats thank the lords who provide you such easy fare as they made it easier to deliver.

6. Do not take what is not yours, stealing is wrong, suffer the loss to gain greater thankfulness and faith when bounty returns to you.

7. with great reason, avoid borrowing. One who borrows loses the worth of self.

8. Give honour to the elders they the teachers, your mothers and fathers included

9. Do not bear false witness or give false testimony, and don’t hold secrets as they lead to the lies you must tell for selfish protection.

10. We shall not want, but work to first fulfill the needs of all others only then thyself. To covet is to want and to want is to sin. To give in to temptation is the breaking of commandment.

11. Let my people go, as race, religion, and cultural divides only hold us back and segregate all we are to others and ourselves. Remember all the cultures of the past, in historic text and literature embracing all culture to learn from and grow beyond.

12. Treat thy neighbor as thyself as you do on to others as you’d have them do on to you.

13. Escape the universe alive as it is our ultimate goal, to return with new knowledge the blessing.

14. No matter can exist twice in state of element or effects of principle. Time travel is not possible and attempts are a temptation forbidden. Time travel is a transgression made against this universe; the formation of a negative black hole is irrevocable.

15. the fundamental truths
Avoid creating -- And Create
Icons -- ideas

Condescension -- as hope can not hold out forever
Wrath -- The wraith: a spirit of the mind

War -- Peace
Death -- Life
Torment -- Placement
Impoverishment -- Worth
Famine -- Plenty
Pestilence -- Use
Anguish -- Sound Clarity
Outer Hell -- Inner Sanctity
Plague -- Familiar Kinship

16. Follow the rules of governance as you are ruled by, for, and under. Respect the place you call home. Be clean for society.

But first before all laws written, trust your inner conscience, even bending these words of commandment with the rights of compassion to protect your inner truth of just reason and for all that is still innocence after.

17. Do not sin as sins bring pain to others and evil found as an instant gratification in act.
blessing - Grant - Sin

Admiration -- Lust
generosity -- Greed
acceptance -- Envy
service -- Pride
moderation -- Gluttony
love -- Hate
Self control -- Anger
honour, honors -- Jealous, jealousy
forgiveness -- Spite
respect -- Lust
sanctification -- Taint
fulfillment -- Desire
righteousness -- Pettiness
Good -- Bad
Selflessness -- Ego
Life -- Evil
introspective prayer, pious -- imprecate, impious
Pity -- Scorn
Demure -- gallivant
Gallant -- Cowardly
sympathy -- Neglect
fair -- Cheat
nice -- Naughty
treat -- Trick
disappointment -- Effect
praise -- Ridicule
Valor -- Vice
Care -- Nothing
patrol -- Prank
quaint, contemplate, inform -- gloat, brag, boast
complete -- Remorseless
Orthodox -- Paradox
fame - Proper Accolade - Infamy
working -- Idle
Right - Conscience - Wrong
penitent, poise, contrite, repentant Providence avenging, vendetta, vengeance, revenging
theist, deist, theo-philanthropist Eucharist, pantheist Eucharist, pantheist

18. The principia:

-Equality of substance, value, and so all are ruled by
-Growth with sustainability never allow limits
-Make nothing to sacred and always recycle
-Control is only of self impossible placed upon others.
-Dreams are the hardest things to describe but the greatest to achieve
-Always overestimate to allow for spoil.
-Challenge yourself until that too becomes a challenge
-Trade intelligence at no fee
-rape is of the body
-rapture is of the mind
-everlasting near to forever is the sol
-Never stop learning

The Lessons:

-Confrontation is hard on the ones involved but allows an ease for others when it has come to pass.
-Given away hilt first the Sword has a good point, but it will always be received badly in an argument; words are well received, but do not have a point when used as the last defense.
-Arrangements and treaties are to be struck with the hammer of the third person, written in stone, but understood so the stone can still be carried away the pieces cast at the one who breaks it.
-Generosity and friendships are always a burden worthy of the sol
-If the road becomes dangerous and no new passage can be found: change your method of carriage.
-Resources are found in many of the strangest place, but the object of a living life is not to be wasted
-No thing is out of reach so long as the imagination can find a route and grasp a hold to get it
-Culture can not be policed, but culture can be used to show the indecency of others
-The state of the body reflects the state of mind, the state of mind reflects the state of government.
-Attention is the first income paid to a teacher. They need to be provided with a study and taxed to it.
- A murder inflicted by the entire community or committed by ordered of an elder is still a broken commandment.
-Innovation is born from necessity, investigate and make welcome all methods and use multiple avenues to solve the problem. Invention is simply not needed but for ease or cultural expansion.
-No matter how it is destroyed or hidden the truth can be found and made whole again.
-No one can arrange love.

The Parables:

-Investigations can be shared with everyone, while curiosity will be kept secret.

-bounty creates modesty; allowed naked is to be free without reprisal; caught naked is to be shamed; forced naked is to be placed in dire circumstance; in between modesty and nakedness we are found with guilt of wanting.

-cleanliness allows for a swift shine, as swift shine allows for a swift exit

-learn from your own mistakes, or be wise and learn from others.

-Judge not lest ye be judged: to act as a judge you to must first be judged by a citizens jury.

The Matters:

Admonishment fits the crime given with a true confession. Sanctuary is sought from a church, but seeking the church atypical confession and in fact admonishment of imprisonment from society.

Atonement is done when seeking forgiveness from those who have been harmed by our actions of sin.

Absolution is only for the acts we commit that directly break a total commandment, to break a commandment is an action that can not be corrected though the actions of atonement.

The Human condition of heaven and hell

Hell has nine planes plus a citadel. The citadel is a place where one is alone after the apocalypse and no hope can be found.

-9. Accomplish apocalypse and so the destruction of all guilt in existence.

-8. Creation of world war near to Armageddon for enjoyment or covering guilt with mass extinction resulting.

-7. Initiation of mass destruction or great conflict, with joy gained from the upheaval. No blame attributed to the initiator, or the guilt construct.

-6. Murder of degrees, insidiously entrapping others into the guilt construct with bribes and entrapments so others will be caught impious as well.

-5. Mass murder from one who has released all remembrance of conscience right, and is animalistic in behavior while still retaining sentient capability.

-4. Beyond the guilt construct one can cause death to prevent the discovery of guilt, absolute sin is enjoyed often.

-3- The guilt construct final entrance, a level in which guilt creates vacuum pressure that binds the sol, and allows for sin to prevent knowledge of hidden guilt, the construct operates on a level of group extortion. A member of the construct will hold another in with fear, or threat. These people gain reward while able to hide the guilt they own while attacking truth.

-2-Sin with understanding for goal of pleasure and ends with blind self destruction

-1-minor sin of environmental allowance without personal knowledge or acceptance of the sins existence, classes are created.

Neutral – a state of perfection, life expands while emotions and pleasure can be experienced. To walk the entire path is to understand dimensional truth. Those who do find new precedence for needed laws and uncover new sins.

+1- Creation of shared wealth and little greed exists. Promotion of innocence.

+2- Working for others without expected personal material benefit, innocence is shared with as an adult with the children.

3- Mindless obedience and the start of ordered cultural growth.

4- Little growth, value is not noticed as nothing changes, life is in check, freedom is abound, yet forgotten to even exist. To pass away into death is the normal method of expiry. No classes of culture exist or they are accepted absolutely without argument.

5- Explosive exploration with rebellion with only rewards to be found, but little thought of possible consequences, and this is the test.

6- The chance of war or major conflict arising, expansion is not possible yet and rebellion is wished. Patients must be learned, and this is the challenge.

7- Final heaven infinity is known as all decisions can not be wrong and life is no longer noticed, time ceases to exist.

Heaven holds seven planes plus a state of pure bliss which when attained a promotion is gained for the sol

The final stage of hell is a prison; the final stage of heaven is failure to experience.

Commandments can not be erased, but should always be clarified for all languages by those of innocent conscience. The lists of sins and the parables should grow. The matters are always new at hand, and the laws are forever changing to suit providence.

18(d). The laws:

See( Canadian Criminal code) or applicable government laws
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