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Default Re: If the Illuminati exists, why the division?

AISB_Watch wrote:
I have to agree with Ozziecynic. I would never snitch on anyone, not for a measily threat to myself in some forum - especially not so the stormtroopers can come and disappear them into the gulag. If I came across a terrorist plot of some sort, I would be inclined to alert someone though.

I have no fear of any muslims. Partly because I haven't warranted their attention and partly because in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada they would stick out like a sore thumb. I can count the number of Arabs here on the fingers of one hand.

Actually I have received death threats before, because of the writings on my site. These have come from Alice Bailey cult devotees and Freemasons. The masons have it in for me, they've even included me on their official anti-mason list. Any radical "brother" who might want to prove something to his brethren can easily get my address and number. In each case I tell them to give it their best shot (pun intended), cause me and Winchester would like nothing better :-x
To bring things in perspective no other religion has a book that clearly states the killing of non belivers by practitioners as way to achieve heaven as the muslim have. the belife by some that these are expurious satanic versus does not change the fact that many millions of muslims belive in them and are ready to die for the cause. so even though i might feel sorry or constrained we must keep a watch on their activity and report any thing.

when you have another culture moving into ours specialy a non western and highly antagonisc who wants to make our country too resemble theirs we must be more than atentive.

you guessed it i am no multiculturalist

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