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cold wrote:
No, you hate any new poster or old poster. You are a democratic lier. From the pictures I have seen, you were no sex slave.

D E V I L 2 3
I don't hate. But, you do.

I've stated the obvious. Most posters here are frauds.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

I don't lie either, but you would like me to.

You admit sex slaves exist.

How would you know whether or not I was used as a "sex slave?"

You don't know me!


I'm suppose to believe you've seen pictures of me taken by my ABUSERS when I was a minor.

I'm suppose to believe that you or anyone else can look at a picture of me and determine whether or not I was forced into "sexual slavery."

As if you or anything you just posted has any credibility.


In Peace,

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