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Default Re: If the Illuminati exists, why the division?

Funny, but I believe the topic was division in the Illuminati?

Nice job ephiseans 6! And some people e-mail and say 'I' work for the government!

Of course any tensions we now have between religious belief and other cultures is all the doing of said Illuminati and their social engineering academic twits.

We must respect ALL cultures and religions and preferably live seperately in our own enclaves visiting for a taste of the exotic on holidays.

Time to post and run again. Have to dig the bunker deeper :-D

The supposed division amongst the Illuminati or Elite masters or OWNERS of the planet is merely a diversion.

There may indeed be some middle manager dummy spitting that is all, over method.

The train rolls on.

I understand where you're coming from Ahmed. I agree on alot of what you say. The devil has his role to play and so do we.

The main focus should ALWAYS be on the O-W-N-E-R-S of the planet. Their one common enemy is the peasant who read somewhere that he/she was made in the image of God and had equal rights to live and love on the planet.

We can spend all day on other tit bits like how many gold windows in that new pyramid in Texas they has a place, just dont get caught up in it.

In the end they are 'Luciferians'. They are worshippers of the 'bringer of light'. They are rationalists/managers, The Elite.

Many are homosexual, paedophile and heavy legal and illegal drug users.

Some are family men and very decent.

Just like decent men like Albert Speer, the armamnents minister during Hitlers reign, many of us will make pacts with the Devil and not even know it.

Sometimes the Devil comes to us in the most subtle ways but results in the most catastrophic results.

Getting caught up in the emotional images and religious fervour of the day will not help.

The devil in the end is always right in front of you in the mirror every morning.

Thankfully, you or I do not have access to the powers of the omniscent state to actualise our own destructive side, which always follows a human who believes God is dead and now apply's for the position.
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