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Default Re: If the Illuminati exists, why the devision?

The mistake made by many researchers is not their recognition of some conspiratorial design intrinsic to the unfolding of history, but their attempts to explain the complexities of that design with simplistic unifying theories. Typically, such unifying theories presuppose the existence of a “master plan.” Although there are common conspiratorial objectives and discernible continuities of thought, such a “master plan” does not exist. It is a fiction, justifiably satirized by characters like Imperious Leader of Rocky and Bulwinkle fame.

Daniel Pouzzner accurately characterizes them as “a network of affiliations and alliances, some strong and some weak, some advertised and some secret.” While there is no “master plan,” there is a master objective. All of these groups share “a common goal of world rule by oligarchy.” However, their projects in establishing an oligarchical world government exhibit “varying degrees of coordination, coherency, and internal contention.”

As a “conspiracy of humans,” the conspiracy is replete with all of the inherent weaknesses of humanity. The Illuminati still exists, but only as a unifying religious doctrine shared among the elites. Even this, however, is not entirely galvanized. Just as the common churches have denominations, so do the Illuminati. There are different varieties of illuminism, but all have the same philosophical ends.

Hope that clears some things up for you.
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