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Default Re: The Relationship System and Oppression

LaDominio wrote:
Often the answers are right under our noses.
If one could disguise some form of oppression in the intimate union of a relationship, the people would never figure it out, because it is right under the nose.
The question – why do we fight?

Notice the love/hate or roller coaster pattern that almost everyone goes through when in an intimate relationship.
People like being in love as it makes them feel real, alive or substantial - and in any other state, the average unconscious individual feels fragmented and 'unsubstantial'. To compensate for this misperception, we see the Ego grow and grow until it takes over and 'becomes' the person. A lot of the people you see have built their lives on this kind of delusion.

People believe that through violence (in any form) one can achieve a desired result. It is because people desire that they conflict because when we desire we perceive a lack of something that in some way frightens our egos. Our egos don’t like to feel hollow.

'Were in LOVE'.
Firstly, most people don’t even understand love and cannot express it at will or recognise it in its pure and simple form.
When a couple is in ‘love’, it is ‘usually’ because they feed each other in some way. One way or the other they are addicted just like a drug.
But it is not love.

A serious misunderstanding. If we forget what love is, we forget ourselves, we loose touch with the truth and we wander in the dark.

These relationship systems have been engineered for this result - it is an ingenious trap. You'll observe more and more just what the people of earth are being used for.

Think, are your decisions, reactions, desires and perceptions your own? Or where they given to you from the same source as the relationship system was?

This is the foundation for progress.
The Song of Solomon is the key for Holistic sexual tantric relationships betweens men and women.

But I'm having to make a new translation. I know this much, at least in the English translations those translators and committee members must not have had the slightest inkling of romance, eros, or poetry in them. They are so wooden, dry, and dull that they have sucked the dear life right out of the GREATEST SONG OF ALL!

Let's see if we can't make a new translation and help the girls and guys start getting back down wit ta BOOYAH!!!
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