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Default Song of Songs -- Frater's Fresh Translation Faithfully Rendered from the Original Hot Tongues

The translation isn't complete yet, but I thought I'd give a quick preview and teaser of how the work is going....

Chap. 1

"Oh, let him keep kissing me with the kisses of his lips!
For thy love tastes far better than wine!
Thine oils, they do smell so sweet!
Pouring oil sounds the name of thine!
That is why the ladies love thee!

[Second Station]

Beckon me to come to thee!
And let us chase one the other
For my King brings me to his secret chamber!


We are enthralled with thee!
and you do so exite!
We savor thy lover better than wine to be
They do love thee aright!...........


I am darkly tanned and beautiful!
O daughters of Jerusalem
Like the tent skins of Kedar
Like the secret veils of Shaloahmon
Do not stare at me because I am tanned!
For the Sun has tanned me!

My Mother's sons have been cruel to me
But they are the very ones from whom
I was made to take care of Vineyards

So I need to take care of my Vinyard!

Chap. 2

Like a red apple tree in the Trees of the Woods
So is my Lover among all the men
Under his Shade, I saw such great delight
And knelt down on my knees
And his Fruit tasted so good on my palate!

Just tell me this, O my soul-lover
Where is that spot where you Bishop you Lamb?
Where is that spot where you make her lie down
At midday and noontime?

For how should I too go astray
and wander off like all those other sheep
of your passionless male peers!

If you do not know, fairest woman of all
Let your fingers walk down my pasture trail
And then guide your young feminist goats
to the tents of real Bishops!

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