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Default Re: The Relationship System and Oppression

LaDominio wrote:
:-) Hahah... I know what you mean though.

Sexual union is probably one of the most important energy integrations there is for adult human beings. What’s meant for is to stick to one partner – that way there is no mistaking what one would give away. Because initially people believed that sexual union was sacred and deeply profound, and it should be shared with a truly compatible soul – that way a pure frequency can be generated between them.
But now what is the true opinion on sexual union really?
In this age, male/female energy transfer might happen by accident in small bursts, but even that is a rare occurrence.
So people are not nourished on a very, very deep level. Because of this we can see much error.

With observation we can also see that every important core aspect of healthy human function has been manipulated, or we have been lured away from it with illusory bait in order to make us err in such potent and fatal ways.
I completely concure with your keen observations. People are not being sexually fulfilled.

PORNIA is actually demonic in nature because it is an empty shell projection from a reality that seen and used correctly would be Holistic.

Sexual union is part of achieving YHWH. For the Son (i.e., Vav, the Stag Lord in Solomon) must GO INTO the Bride/Daughter, who is Heh. Yod is the Patros, Heh is Mother Hierusalem.

Marriage should be sexually tantric in nature. And the Song of Solomon is nothing less than a profound manual of achieving YAHWISTIC SEXUAL YOGA.

Satan and Satanist seek to divide and ruin all things. That is why Christians, perhaps now more than at any time, need to work out, stay in shape, eat right, sleep right, and find a hot, good looking mate so that they can engage in coitus that is progressively more exstatic, erotic and UNIFYING year after year.
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