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Default Re: The Relationship System and Oppression

I would simply add too though, it is going to take some serious social re-education.

The Silent War has taken its tole in the U.S. Girls and Guys are affraid of each other these days. The ladies don't see the need for guys to take care of them, and guys have been beaten down by a system that definately and knowingly aids women and tears down men.

Remember, one of the goals of the Silent War is to make a man 'pussy whipped' before marriage.

Masterbation via PORN is one way to achieve this.

The only way to cure the problem is to do it God's way.

Fall in love, get married, and then ingage in some of the most outragious slapping, biteing, growling, romping, quacking, meowing, barking sex you can imagine.

Any other way leads to division, selfishness, unfulfillment, depression, misery, and death.

A woman needs a big penis in her vagina and in her mouth! And a man needs to stick it in those places with a woman he loves and is committed to.
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