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Default Re: How to Combat the N.W.O.

Hey 55132:
I'll just pick on something related to paragraph # 5 & 6:
Do you think it'll get to where we will be forbidden to actually plant fruit bearing trees and vegies in our backyards? Sounds like a silly question, I know. But seriously, buying anything today seems like the BIG GUYS are just behind the screen of all this. And as far as buying items made in this country only, --I understand where you are coming from. But once again, the BIGGIES own so much. Pretty soon there will be only 13 major companies. I have a feeling there will be something done to shove off the ma-and- pa bakery, grocery store, fruit stand and such down the corner. Anybody, please, what are your thoughts on us "only" buying from the BIGGIES (???). Can we truly avoid this for an ongoing time??? Do I have to eat Burger King and fast food places owned by these BIG GUYS!! Plus, do I only have to buy 'sprayed' fruits and vegies. Do I only have to buy packaged quickie food loaded with toxic chemicals and wicked preservatives? Injected meats and fish? Will that organic little healthfood/superette near me be
run off the street? I know you know where I am leading up to: total control!!!
In my lifetime?? I think I'll see it, for sure. (At least my parents in the Ukraine were able to have a chicken or two, tomato plant, a small potato and cucumber ground.)
I'm 52. But I try not to get consumed by it and do the best I can. I never let them see me sweat!!! I live peacefully and try to support my fellow human in these issues and I do speak up (it's got me in trouble). Won't go into detail in this thread. Thanks for the thread though. -----get_real.
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