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Two additional pages of pure childish banter on this site and all in my very own username.

To what do I owe the pleasure Blue Angel?

Must I ask you BlueAngel to refrain from creating threads on my behalf?

This would be the second that I am aware of that you have apparently started on my behalf.

I am a very capable individual and easily could have started my own thread on the "enigma" if I so desired. I did not. You commented and asked about a "certain bell" I referenced in a post of mine. I stated everything exactly as I did for personal reasons. I won't bore you with the details as to why except to say that there is far too much information (if you are willing to consider it as such) on the specific matters of most interest for me personally to waste the cycles pouring it out here for all to see and for you to ultimately rip to shreds (or at least try) and my testing of these waters is now over. The only thing I'd have to gain from pouring all I am referring to onto this site would be the potential for "useful" feedback and otherwise a state of vulnerability that I am not prepared at this time to put myself through.

The information you posted in what almost appeared to be a normal, possibly polite, and constructive post... BlueAngel... for the record, is OLD news!

You are mighty critical for one who makes the claims you continue to (not limited to protecting the Constitution of the USA if memory serves?) make and for one who makes them with the use of as many words and as frequently as you do. Do you know the "enigmatists" well enough to make such claims REALLY or are you merely talking to yourself with your destructive and insulting endless commentary. It would appear to me you might have say about thirteen years of research to get busy on in order to find out.

Just what am I getting at here?

None of what I've said prior to 2007 was in any way even remotely intended for you or connected to you.

Time to face facts...

Anyone posting on this site at one time or another will have to contend with you whether in defense, in clarification, in thread hijacking, etc.

You systematically turn what any of us might say and relate it to yourself (even where no relation exists) and you do so very much openly and consistently and without much thought or consideration and to date without any sense of "reason" or for that matter apology (and not to me).

You have the audacity to carry on making such childish remarks as:

Anonymous wrote:
You're going to be out of a job real soon, Shadow. Better start planning for the future.

In Peace,
What kind of implications come with this threat?

I was under the impression that you were an admitted rat in the mind control wars. Come on, we both know that rats don't develop the experiments they're used in. It seems to me that you're trying to play too many conflicting roles.

Just what IS IT that you think you are saying or are trying to say here in all of this?

There is no beginning to your ill-conceived false reality so just about the last assumption I'd make at this point is that it will come to and end. Are you learning anything new from you?

God forbid any "legit" unwitting soul who comes here looking for information on "mind control" and running into this rambling mess you have left in your wake.

I've read your ongoing contributions here and as previously stated, like yourself, I tend to read between the lines. The total sum of what I get (yes I double checked) from between all of your lines is a rather large mess and all very much contrived.

When is the last time (truly) that you allowed yourself to learn from anyone other than you?

Can you point me to ONE single thread you have yet to comment in?

Ehh, what's the point in asking you questions?

There isn't one. I'm familiar with your work.

Leave me out of your dirty work!

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