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Default Re: If you had a choice of your next door neighbor

LaDominio wrote:
I dont see how this fits in with divine union and the sacredness of the female physique... Not something I believe should be shining through the phosphors of this cathode ray, but to beheld by one who is finely tuned to all the right frequencies. But I guess it has to be both ways doesn’t it…
Actually, I agree with you, LaDominio. It's sad.

And, no, it doesn't necessarily have to be both ways.

If men and women would learn to love one another again, I honestly believe there would be no market for porn or girly mags.

It is a love problem. It is a seeing problem, a hearing problem, a doing problem.

But more than this, women are being purposely led away from what they truly need in order that both men and women may be ruined.

I do believe with all my heart that this is the ONLY purpose of Fraternities and Sororities in Universities.

Women MUST have a man with status and popularity. Therefore, if one wants to manipulate and herd women, all one must do is create some false auraole of status (i.e., the Fraternity) and you can flock all the women into sororities and enslave them.

Many men can see through fraternities for what they are (control systems).

But the really tragic thing about it is that women ACTUALLY BELIEVE that these systems are manifestations of REAL CULTURE and HIGH SOCIETY!


The Truth -- it's all totally fake. 100% totally fake.

And there is a lot of fall out effect from these Systems in Universities that have long range consequences for those who didn't 'make it'.

For example, I once was doing research at a state university, when in walks a fraternity and it's sister sorority.

What were they up to at 9 o'clock on a fifth floor library stack?

Well, for your information, it was required as an initiation rite that all the neophite sorors give incessant head to all the junior and senior fraternity members.

I had to end up leaving my research at the library it got so bad.

I would walk in and all one could hear is "suck, suck, suck, suck, suck....giggle, giggle, suck, suck, suck, suck...

I even saw some of the freshman sorority candidates walk out of the library past me. They looked completely worn out.

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