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Default What are some of the way the Illuminati recruit people.

I know a majority of it is passed on through family. However, that alone wouldn't give them enough people to control things or people to use to advance their objective. So they must be recruiting through some other means. I know freemasonry is one them. I do not believe that everyone in freemasonry is part of the illuminati, because that seems absurd. I think its more like grooming or breeding ground for recruits. Like they'll only pick the best or high ranking freemason that shows favoritable attributes and has a willingness to join, that they will pick to move on to the next level.

Also another big one I believe would be fraternites, or most importantly professional fraternities. Training people to get used to being part of a secrective group, the culture, the process of recruiting other memebers. Getting people also used to and particpate in rituals or used to way meetings are run. The top spot being of the excutive board. People who take on tremendous responsiblity, and show their great leadership, and devotion to the group, etc. Then the Illuminati or whateve name they choose to go by (I know they like to use a varity of names) recruit the best to move on to the next level. Know alot about this since I was in a fraternity, and I did see stuff that would directly link alot of things to the group of illuminati, I will post if there is interest. Though other stuff I wont mention since its usual standard fraternities secrects that I don't feel like dilvudging, but they really dont really directly link to the illuminati connections I experienced firsthand that I mentioned before.

Also groups like Student government associations of college , etc.

So what do you guys think about the whole thing?

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