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Default Re: 911 Loose Change 2nd edition documentary?

George_Bush wrote:
freespirit wrote:
Has anyone seen this documentary "911 Loose Change 2nd edition?

What can you say regarding their investigation?

The U.S. government killed their own people inorder to advance their hidden agendas?

The U.S. government planned 911 and blamed it to terrorist?

What's your opinion? Is this documentary believable?
1. No.

2. Nothing.

3 Yes.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. Yes.

Do I need to see the film to know this?

1. No.

Why not?

1. Skilz.

How'd I get skilz?

2. Study

What did I study?

3. Books.

Which books?

4. The right books.

How did I find them?

5. I looked.


6. Because I wanted to.

That isn't very common, is it?

7. No.

Thanks man!

I respect your opinion.

I'm also trying to learn from people like, videos & books.
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