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Default Re: So when do we tell the children?

Let's see. When mummy was tangling with the corrupt insurance nasties and the sewage was coming into basement home everytime it rains Thank you Halifax Regional Municipality. For sending Crichton Park sewage into my basement...where I worked.

Let's see the kids were...15, 9, and 3.

They witnessed the corruption of the insurance company, the adjuster, the contractor and the city first hand.

Corruption just steam rolled right into my home, my children's lives, flooding the basement with raw sewage.

Fire sale or bankruptcy was my option. I wouldn't play the backhander game and they cancelled all my insurance - car too - bastids. They can do anything, this is true. And a lot of sheeple are finding out first hand knowledge of what these idiots are like and the games they play.

There are good people and bad people in every race.

There are good people and bad people in every job.

That's what I teach my children. To be intuitive. I point out the bad ones and it is usually them pointing out the bad ones to me.

I don't like her.
I don't trust him.

What are we teaching our children? To be a two-faced society, that's what.

Recognize the truth from a lie. Good from bad.
Get off the fence.

My thoughts
Mary XXX
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