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Default Re: Freemasons and Monotheists Worship Satan

From your first statement it is clear you do not understand life and death.

Consider my words,
In all things there is life. Life is all things.

In this system called reality, there is perceived 'life' and 'death'.
With proper analysis, you will find that reality would not function without death.
What is death?

If there was no death, there would be no perception of life in this reality.

Death is an illusion we take too seriously. It is not final. We are Life - we cannot truly die. But our holographic bodies must eventually expire - if not, this fragile reality would spin far out of sync.

It is also clear that you donít understand 'a loving God'.

This reality was created not to be a reflection of heaven or a second hell. In fact it was created as perfectly functioning natural system. Animals didnt eat each other, and humans didnt eat animals. Everything was aplenty. The life span of a living being was much higher as you would imagine.
We as people are free to do. We are free to act in virtue or malice. Compulsion or wisdom. We are not given any guidance but advice, and our choices are our own.
The people have collectively made a choice that works to our disadvantage and to the disadvantage of all living things here. They do not know it is a choice; they think that it is the natural way, and have no control over it. But this is not the case.
Humankind has managed to break this reality - we have damaged many of the natural systems.
We were given powerful brains, but we misuse them.
Our science is not a progression, it is a lack of understanding. Those who are aware understand how the systems work, and also know that natural systems must not be tampered with.
But look now what science is doing to us and to the Earth. This coupled with the collective state of mind is a volatile concoction.

If God had created a world of pure love, we as conscious humans would not know the beauty of love. In fact, hate would be beautiful to us.
Because things are subject to time and decay, they are beautiful.
The nature of this reality is -work equals result-. And we are all required to maintain the beautiful things in this world including ourselves. But we donít.
A beautiful flower needs water and sunlight, otherwise it will wither and die. This same principal applies to every living thing.
Life must be lived with honor. We should respect ourselves and our felow humans as the divine creations that we are.
The Japanese came close to some of these virtues.

This place was never intended to be any kind of nirvana - it is what we make it. That is the beauty of it. But with our free choice what we choose is an ugly sight. People donít know what to choose Ė they are lost. And this predicament has nothing to do with God Ė it is entirely our doing.
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