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I get the feeling this is a friendly diversion tactic similiar to the Clinton's Little Rock property deal and Oh no - let's talk about a pecker track on some chick's dress. But hey, Bill is cool, he plays the sax.

Maybe they are trying to sell Bush as cool? Who knows?

What we are not talking about in reference to Bushy-boy is cocaine, Skull and Bones and snuff videos.

The history books will be kind to Bush the pothead of his youth, as the media is leniant in their rationing of the truth. Just a little will do.

BTW They are trying to legalise pot so they can tax it and stop folks growing it for free. Advertising is advertising and Canada is on the way to legalization - not a good idea in my mind. Martin is a moron too, not only Bush.

It's lowering the bar, just like dropping the age limit. They start younger and experiment more... this we already know, if we are honest. Children will generally rebel that one step further.

"The one medium where the drug angle was emphasized was local TV news, long regarded as the most sensationalist sector of American journalism. Stations from Los Angeles ("Tape Released of Bush's Wild Party Days") to New Orleans to Johnstown, Penn., highlighted Bush's apparent drug use."

They are advertising something cuz just like Michael Jackson, you can be assured this is a three ring circus where all entertainment is planned and co-ordinated, including local TV news. This was outed for a purpose and a gain - no less.
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