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Default Re: Freemasons and Monotheists Worship Satan

cold wrote:
Derek17 wrote:
Freemasons, as well as all monotheists, whether inadvertantly or not, worship Satan. It is clear to me that the creator of the physical universe is evil. By acknowledging that we are forced to die, decay, and suffer no matter what, the nature of the \"god,\" and of this material universe becomes more clear.

Why would a loving god create the food chain, where animals are forced to kill eachother to survive? Look at all the rampant exploitation and injustice which is common place and seemingly normal. Why would a loving god create physical matter that decays inherintly and forces unavoidable suffering and death? Why would a loving god create evil beings to exploit the innocent? It is because the \"god,\" of this world is clearly evil. The \"god,\" of the physical universe is NOT the True God of unconditional Love and Goodness.

Here are two extremely relevant excerpt from a piece by Amitakh Stanford called, \"The Real Secret Word of The Freemasons


The Freemasons have often been called satanic, which is something that they are very capable of fending off. While its rank and file members are ignorant of the purpose of the organization, some know. Freemasons deflect accusations of being a satanic society largely by employing the cover of being a philanthropic organization. But what is at the core of the Freemasons\' beliefs? It is the belief in a single architect of the universe. One must ask if that architect is Satan, all the while bearing in mind that very few would knowingly worship Satan. Freemasonry is based upon the legend of the building of Solomon\'s Temple, which is said to have employed thousands of masons and stonecutters almost 3,000 years ago...

...Christianity was not founded by Jesus. The work of the early Christians and the propaganda of Paul and those who hid themselves behind the name of Jesus all contributed to the invention of a marvellous story which resulted in Jesus being known to this day as the founder of a religion that was never his. Similarly, Jesus is being falsely associated with the Ascended Masters in the Theosophical teaching. Jesus has nothing to do with the ascended masters, and very little to do with modern Christianity. In fact, Christianity only became orthodox when Emperor Constantine and the church councils created creeds and canons at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. With this human-made church law, the followers of Christianity no longer abide by the teachings of Jesus, but instead follow the dictates of the church.

In current Christianity, it appears that Christians relish in the murder of Jesus and are so taken in by it that they re-enact His brutal crucifixion. Christians call the murdering day \"Good Friday\" which term they excuse away with Easter Sunday and the supposed physical resurrection of Jesus. On a regular basis, Christians symbolically eat the body of Jesus in what is euphemistically called the \"Eucharist\" where they also symbolically drink the blood of Christ. These gruesome symbolic acts are signs of cannibalism and vampirism. These horrible acts are falsely presented at least four times in the extant Bible to give the church and its followers apparent authority and authenticity to practise the repulsive rites. See: Matthew 26:26-28; Mark 14:22-24; Luke 22:19-20; 1 Corinthians 11:24-29.

Nearly all Christian churches display crosses to remind followers of the horrible murder of Jesus. Many of the crosses bear a male figure nailed onto them to represent Jesus, who is graphically displayed in a gory and agonizing depiction of his murder on a cross. This depiction is grotesquely objectionable to any thinking, feeling beings.

Can you see the similarity between Christianity and Freemasonry? What kind of a \"god\" would thirst for blood? What kind of a \"god\" would want gruesome murders re-lived over and over in the human psyche. With regard to Christians — it is far worse than for the Masons. According to many Freemasons, Abiff supposedly represents Jesus — who incidentally had not yet been born when Solomon was in power. But, Christianity symbolically does those dreadful things to the one they claim to believe is the Son of the God of Light.

So there you have it — Yes, it appears quite clearly that Freemasons, however unwittingly, are devil worshippers. Similarly, Christians, however unwittingly, are also worshipping Satan.

Darkness has always coveted that of the Light; it also corrupts that of the Light whenever possible, as can be seen in Christianity...

Not a word untrue and still the human can not believe.

Have I said anything different?

The Christ said Satan is the God of this world.

Have I said anything different?


[The Christ said Satan is the God of this world.]

Actually, it was Apostle Paulos who said that.

You do not speak the truth.

You are a liar and the father of thereof. When you speak Lie, you speak your native tongue.

Christ did say that.

I speak the truth.

--M I Ch A E L
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