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Default List members of the Illuminati here: Opperation 1954, Opperation Bilderbomb

It is now the 53rd year since Articles of Warfare were issued against the American populus under the Bilderberg meetings of 1954.

I was born into a world where I never had a real opportunity to fulfill my potential. These men declared war, judged, condemned, sentanced and subjected me to this so-called Quiet War, which is not 'Quiet' at all.

I want the war to end. I want their hypocrisy to be exposed. I want their heads. And I do mean every word.

Will they engage in psycho-social warfare and expect me to take it nicely? Am I the one who started this? Did they know before I was born that I would not live 'responsibly', as they claim?

And too, since they have set themselves as Kings and Shephards of the world, why do they not educate and enlighten the masses instead of weakening the nations?

Their acticles of warfare are the purest chaff fit only for burning.

I want names. I want dates. I want places. I want times.

What am I to do? If there is no change, then I cannot fulfill my potential. And I have divine mandate that I MUST fulfill my potential.

We must meet and match there Silent Weapons with Weapons of Mass Description.

Do not trust the Baby-boomers to understand these things. They are a generation almost totally lost and deceived. They will not understand your words.

No, my fellow young compatriots, it is for us to rise to the occassion. It will require reason, calculation, study, and precision. Yet it is possible to break this tyranny and begin a new age for the world.

It will be a world where crime is punished not promoted. It will be a world where spiritual Truth is Supreme.

Use this thread to help compile a list of Illuminati members.

This list will be useful to the entire group.

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