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Default Re: List members of the Illuminati here: Opperation 1954, Opperation Bilderbomb

cold wrote:
It will never happen, they are well protected and not by me, but by you. I use what I find and humanity provides me with much. You should know I do not want souls, but absence from my domain.
If the silly beliefs of humans regarding me are useful to me, then I use them. You elite is your elite, if they believe I power them so be it. You power them. I will do with them as I will do with you all.

Are they well protected? Are they at ease in Sion?

As you know, there is more than one way to behead someone.

Are they beyond Our Power? Have they secured themselves?

The weapons of Our Warfare are not physical, but are powerful in God.

If their kind is invincible, then tell me why I was given power to break the cipher of Liber Al vel Legis?

I call heaven and earth to witness against them. There is a Sword that they shall in no wise escape. And the hands of the Clocktower point to two minutes to midnight.

We are well able to vanquish the Enemy. For it is written, 'He who strengthens himself, let him strengthen himself in Adonai.' And the Battle belongs to Adonai.

--M I Ch A E L
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