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Default Re: BBC Reports Sept. 11th Building WTC7 Collapsing 27 mins before it actually does.

This is a good thread.

I will relate something herein that I have never really told anyone.

I was in Seminary upon Sept. 11. 2001. I had begun a study of Eliphas Levi's History of Magic, along with the Greek work called Corpus Hermeticum. I really only meant to browse the pages therein. Never really thought much of it. I only wanted to study it in relation to its contents concerning Mithrasism among Persian and Greco-Roman Magi. I had already reviewed and studied most of the great Greek classics. I was interested in pre-modern cosmology, and I had been reading the works of Ptolomy concerning the semi-arcs and the progression of the aeon.

In conjuction with these things, I was also engaged in translation and exegesis of Ephesians. Herein Paul offers an answer to the disciples at Ephesis concerning their former mysterion and relates to them the Mysterion Aeonion in Xpistos.

This was my mindset at the time. I felt that I was on the verge of a breakthough of some kind; as if I was about to walk through a passage. I could not study enough. I read and wrote sometimes 15-18 hours a day. I soon surpassed all the knowledge of even the highest ranking professors at my University. Unfortunately for me, they began to notice.

Then, Sept. 11 happened. I was cut to the heart, in my very inner being. I could not explain why I was effected more than others. Some did not even seem to notice that this was a major sign of the times. It simply had no effect on them. They went on as if the world were going on as it always had.

But somehow...I knew. I did not know the details. I did not know who was responsible. All I can remember feeling is a profound sense of doubt and dismay. I did not simply feel the sadness of the loss of life in the towers; it was far more than this.

I felt a profound since of evil in the air. Something exceedingly malicious and warped. And it was for this cause most of all that I remained in bed and ate nothing for 3 entire days.

It was then for the first time in my life that I realized something -- my psychology is little or nothing like that of most of my contemporaries. I did not understand them, and they did not understand me. It caused a permenate psychological rift between me and my normal peer group. I simply wrote them off as being blind. And to this day, I have been unable to see them as anything else. I suppose Sept. 11 was the touchstone test of what was inside people. Sadly, most of my immediate peer group did not manifest any gold at all.

The evil that I perceived and felt was almost tangible. It was an evil that had been activated and energized. It was not simply the thought of evil, it was the spirit of evil in motion.

This is what I felt. But there was one problem. If the media story were true, then my anger should have been directed toward Osama bin Laden. But it was not. And at the time it was inexplicable.

I would see pictures of Osama bin Laden and feel nothing. I did not nessessarily feel friendship toward bin Laden, but neither did I feel that profound sense of righteous indignation that one feels toward the guilty. And I could not understand my emotions.

Now you must understand that I had always considered myself a patriotic American. But on Sept. 11, I felt no patriotism at all. I did not know why, the feeling simply left me and my entire world-view changed on that day. To this present time, my life course is nothing of what it was before that day. In one day, in one moment of time, the entire course, mindset, and meaning of my life was instantly transformed into something else.

It was a few months later, when I was doing a research paper on the Documentary History of the Bible that I did a search for the Book of the Law. I was actually intending to find evidence for the Moses manuscript in Deuteronomy. What I found was Alister Crowley.

From the very instant that I read Liber AL vel Legis it struck me in such a way that I understood the Time. I knew no codes. I knew no magick. All I knew is that I had been prepared for this time and that it was time for me to act.
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