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Default Re: BBC Reports Sept. 11th Building WTC7 Collapsing 27 mins before it actually does.

I used to experience a similar kind of heartbreak, but it happened frequently as it occurred every time an atrocity unfolded anywhere in the world that was large enough to reach me. Only when I was 16 did I learn to block it out - because I couldn’t function with the horror of knowing and feeling the pain experienced by others, who I viewed as part of my family. A global family! Knowing that pain is what drove me forward, but forward too fast. So even now I am bringing my mind out of space - injected through the atmosphere of knowledge, propelled by an unworldly drive.
Since birth I have viewed people from a contorted perspective that I only started understanding when I got older – that their minds are contorted and their souls distress.

This year there will be a greater evil I was told. Told by an optimist flowing with truth, the tiding was dire. "Just... Really... The only word for it is pure evil."
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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