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Default ASS - ASS - IN - NATION

Everyone will agree that we have problems.. we probably agree that things aren't getting better.. the difficult thing is identifying the SOURCE of the problems.. perhaps the creators of our problems disguise the things they have done, blame things on others, coverup the methods they use, "spin" information/media to make them look good and enemies look bad.. maybe we can't even conceive of all the "dirty tricks" @ their fingertips? .. we've had sniffs of scandals, coverups, conspiracies, .. BUT what baffles me is how the ASSassination of ppl as important as the Kennedy's could be covered up for so long??? i mean u can fool some of the ppl etc. etc. but to fool all the ppl ALL the time?.. that's hard to swallow .. i mean Gil Grissom could have solved the case ;P .. guess nobody smart enuf was allowed access to all the forensic evidence?
OK the "magic bullet" .. sounds like a Bush theory LOL! .. If the powers in Washington wanted the perfect puppet, wouldn't they want to choose the DUMBEST guy they could find? .. I guess that the Kennedy family was too big a threat becuz of their carisma.. their power to attract votes.. probably too wealthy to be swayed by bribes, payoffs, kickbacks, threats, etc... Not rich enuf to escape the bullets of snipers.. anybody can be killed if someone wants it bad enuf.. People in power with unlimited funds would stop at nothing to get what they want.. hence the farcical federal elections.. If you really believe that the Republicans and Democrats aren't both controlled by the same big money, why wouldn't Al Gore protest a close election and raise a stink about it.. THAT might call into question the whole farce of democratic elections.. Do you really believe that politicians want an educated, well-informed electorate? .. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!
Thus the whole populace wallowing in ignorance and floundering in a downward spiral of education losing ground to the masses' preference for entertainment (tv, movies, music, video games, sports) and slavelike pursuit of the "almighty dollar" .. It probably wouldn't occur to ppl that they are all wage-slaves who are becoming poorer and poorer becuz of inflation and insidiously ever-increasing taxation.. Oh and have you noticed that there are new laws enacted everyday by the federal, state/provincial and municipal/local legislatures? And more police to enforce all the new rules/regulations/bylaws.. more lawyers and judges, more prison guards.. awww the list is endless.. Must i mention the losing war on drugs? .. BUT the pharmaceutical conglomerates are doing well with their "legal" drugs.. As a civilised ppl, why are we becoming more and more dependent on these artificial attempts @ wellness? .. Medicine doesn't seem to really "cure" anything.. it's meant to mask the symptoms of health problems (some of which didn't even exist a few years ago such as OBESITY?) but CURES nothing! .. how long will society to continue to contribute to "charities" like foundations to cure every conceivable illness? Has there been even ONE cure? Note: as soon as a cure is found, the foundation ceases to have "raison d'etre" .. a lot of cushy researcher and administrator and pencil pusher jobs would be lost.. SOOOO where's the incentive to FIND A CURE??? Are ppl becoming more and more dissatisfied with their jobs and family lives (note the huge increase in D'vorce?) .. Will massive unhappiness in the population ever rise to such levels as to cause civil unrest in the forms of tax revolts and rioting? .. Who knows? Americans are kept stupid and brainwashed by religions and media, content in an apathetic state of professed wellness.. Well, maybe that worked for a long time BUT what if we shake up all those idiot voters with TERRORISM? .. A large attack by MiddleEastern suicide bombers? Who in their right mind would ever suspect the CIA of such a blatant manipulation of mass hysteria? Just feed them what you want them to hear.. Let the racist, christian, KKK, publicly educated populace make their own biased assumptions fueled by overwhelming media bombardment.. Of course, i have no PROOF of any of the above, it's just theories that i've formed from a half decade of not-very-acute observation .. I bet if someone actually researched, googled archives, created computer models, juggled statistical models, with time regressions, global simulations and used just a pinch of artificial intelligence, that someone would probably "disappear" before he/she could disclose their findings LOLOLOL!

Observations of an Enema Kombatant 8-)

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