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Don't lose hope. The worm can turn at any moment and a lost sould can wake up any day, at any point in time.

The truth is easy to learn. It's the lies that don't make any sense and keep folks confused.

When in the mall the other day, chickie asked if I collect frequent flyer miles. I gave her my usual response, "No I don't. I don't like Big Brother tracking my spending habits." She gave me this really confused look and I'm sure a seed of thought was planted in the young girl besides her. She knew exactly what I meant.

A few awake folks is worth a thousand sleepy donut makers with regards to the chaos we can awaken when pointing to the truth.

Sooner or later, the truth smacks all in the face, at some point in time.

Whether one chooses to acknowledge the truth or not is where the subject of ignorance comes in.

There is a natural law where the tides of consciousness change once enough people are swimming up stream and it really doesn't take that many determined fishies... it's only a matter of time. It's that 100th monkey story.
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