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Pragnosis wrote:

I agree with you. What is your opinion on Michael Tsarion, part of me thinks he's the real thing, then another part of me thinks he's in it for the money. He could of course be both. His use of the English language is absolute genius, I've never heard of anybody with a vocabulary as good as his.

Well, Western Astrology is incorrect, Numerology is out dated and has been replaced by a new system, and Kabala is, in my view, quite useless.

He makes reference to Aelister Crowley, who was actually a Satanist at one time and did many evil and abhorrent things. He was a truly insane spiritualist. And this is common. I have come across so many spiritualists who donít get the picture at all, but are so avid about it.
I believe that this Michael is covertly confounded, and his understandings of the true ways, systems, laws etc are meagre.
One cannot learn these things by way of a book or even a teaching. To integrate this one must connect with the source of knowledge itself. Any other way is unnatural... It sounds weird, but it is the only clean, sure way that I know of.

Vocabulary doesnít make a man smart, but it does make him charming - which might raise suspicion. But I suspect he is of benevolent intent - just misconstrue about the ways in which to express benevolence, although I doubt he detects a lack of understanding. This shows that he doesnít place it as a highest priority, which is something you'll find with a lot of people. Only those who are truly loving, compassionate, established in virtue and of pure intent understand truth, because their benevolence transcends mere human desire... If you believe it to be most important, you will surly find your way on the right path.
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