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Default Re: It\'s time to check your reality

Where's the fucken quick rebuttle.Take your time you have showed multiple colors, but your still lacking in substance.

By the way, life can be better than spontainious, but first it must adhere to the belief that life is fucked up, and things need to change.
And that little kid, might imagine more than you did> but it might become true.

WE are on the spinicker, will the devil choose to lead or will it follow, just to be close to man.
Personally I think that the great serpent wants ignorance, and thus we are, (american perenthesise)
SIC, Im sure that all of it is fucked up, but I didn't want
to take time to check dictionary dot fucken com.
DEvil your a fucken idiot, believe in mans growth, take a breadth of what you will, time is very precious to us, and your existance is a forgotten quandry.
Can I be a meglomaniac, and still be sincere, beter than Cold I would imagine.
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