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Default Re: The Beatles: devil worshippers?

zephon wrote:
What a load of tripe. If anyone believes that then I feel despair that the person has the right to vote (if they are old enough - which I doubt).

A.Crowley DID NOT indulge in human sacrifice. He was a rouge whom the media used to titillate and shock the readers. The folk I have spoken with (passed over to the other side now) knew the real Crowley - bad boy, yes, but not in league with the devil. Suggest a closer look at what was going on in the 3rd Reich might reveal more.
Try reading, "The Secret History of the Jesuits" by Edmond Paris. Heavy going but very scholarly, The last chapters are the most relevant.
However in the early 70s the Jesuits were pushed out of their role as Vatican puppeteers by Opus Dei. Opus Dei were the manipulators behind messages claimed to be telepathed alien UFO entities, purporting to come from Ashtar Command.
(Ashtoreth - Phoenician love goddess/aka Ishtar,
Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus, etc).
Of course the vatican declares UFOs to be demonic, but then as few folk really believe in the devil anymore I suppose it is necessary to re-invent demons.

P.S. Ignatius Loyola (Jesuit founder) ran a group in medieval Spain called the Alumbrados (Illuminati). Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati - ex (????) jesuit.
Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Constant) - author of "Transcendental Magic" - ex (???) jesuit.
You point out some interesting connections there about the Jesuits and their blatant involvement, perhaps the guiding hand, in the grand scheme. It's good to be reminded of it.

As far as Crowley, you obviously have some sort of affinity toward him and magick in particular, if your first post and now your second tells me anything at all about you. Let me ask you this. Would you not agree that the available evidence proves the existence of such an organized satanic cult? That the highest echelons of the illuminati practice human sacrifice, sex magick, pedophilia and the trafficking of flesh across international borders for the purpose of ritual murder and traumatisation resulting in sadomasochistic slavery? Following the investigations of John DeCamp, Gunderson, Springmeier and the author of the work that is cited as a source in the above article, it seems pretty clear that it is satanism and the rebirth of human sacrifice that is the religion of the elite illuminati. With all that being said, if Crowley wasn't involved with the evil things that these men are a part of ... well, he just wasn't one of the boys, now was he?

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