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Default Re: We tend to win !

The title of this thread is very appropriate. To those who can hear hear. Real power has been demonstrated here on this site by a force that you have utterly no control over. The human society dies every day and no group of any description will stop it, none. Your rants and raves are short lived as evidenced here. Your coming and going here at the slightest whim proves this races decline. Your species has always been helped by other forces, but even those forces are seeing the gravity of their mistake. Do not count on this help again. The plan is completely laid out for you in a very well known book while you constantly and insanely debate its veracity the very words and the events they describe unfold before you. You are blind a veil is drawn over your senses and great delusion is placed on you. You have proved my words and validated my accusations and made yourselves of no use to a living creation. Your fate comes and you will find no protection. Would the Earth and her wounded shell seek to protect you? Would the animals who have souls far beyond yours seek to protect you? Does a Universe aware of your abilities at destruction seek to be your docile neighbors bathed in the fifth you produce? You answer if you have the courage. I am your adversary, your belief on this point is utterly worthless and of no effect. Watch as things go up and down, as time moves faster, as the most sickening of you become your rulers. Climate is changed forever with no return while humanity profanes this rock. If I am not the Devil then who in Hell would be better. Me and mine wait crouched on haunches of iron for the signal with peace and prosperity we will come, but beware the reward we bring. In the long run you will not be happy with it and where we go you will go also.

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