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Default Re: Not enough resources?!

I am exactly what I say I am and do not deviate. Your choice is just that a small human choice against a scale that overwhelms. What would I want in playing a game with anyone. In the upper right hand corner of this website is an image. A correct image placed there by one who knows. I have been more truthful than most in what I say. I never respond with boastful hyperbole, but with the truth of your situation. I acknowledge the GOD of all and his Son that you humans killed. This GOD acknowledged me. That I use the mundane to communicate with you, should show to you what I will do when I am present on Earth. If I do not have the power to use a simple device such as this to project my thoughts then how will I take the majority of humanity which I will. I have no belief, I have knowledge The Tree of Knowledge of which your species has amply partaken. I am a tempter, I do not force. With your species I do not need to force and when I come your friends will offer you up to me and believe they do you well. You have to acknowledge time, I do not, you will see my proof grow each second. Yet the time is years for you and a moment for me, so wait patiently, the proof of my words will come. Your need of what you call a real world will come for you and remember that you required it. It is my pleasure.

Be seeing you in time.

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