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Default Iran conspiracy??

Just been wondering if the 15 British soldiers captured by Iran is actually part of a UK/USA plan to invade Iran. I figure that the soldiers have say been ordered to go into Iran waters, with the British government knowing that they will most likely be detected and captured. The GPS is falsified so it looks as if the british soldiers were never in Iran territory. The capture of british soldiers starts off a diplomatic 'war' which is currently going on at the moment. Today president bush has stepped in saying its unacceptable that Iran are holding these soldiers.

After the massive WMD in Iraq failure the last thing Bush and Blair need is another dodgy excuse to invade another country. We know that Bush is eager to get his hands on Iran and Blair generally goes along with Bush's plans. The 'illegal capture' of the soliders, and knowing Iran will not give them up without a fight, might just be the provication needed to start a war on Iran.

What you all think?

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