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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

I personnally think that he is only human and thats enought for me... The guy is trying is best to sell books and it works. I dont have a problem with the books because they promote love and understanding before insurection and else. But as I said the guy is only human so he does stupid things like putting himself naked on the top of one book. I dont believe is part of the conpiracy itself because he was linked to Jordan Maxwell in his beginning in the US.
The reptillian connection is only too far ahead of us and Icke wants to be the guy saying "I told you so" 20 years from now while 99% of the people are still trying to figure out if there is life beyond earth. Take your time Icke... rushing in is futile in our present situation. The poeple is slow and you have to kick ass, not run ahead.
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