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Default Re: Where is this board at now?

Torchlithill wrote:
Dr Makow, we\'ve had words before, and I even asked to be banned, although I can\'t remember why at the present, but the point is, is this what you envisioned this site to become?
It would be a hell of alot nicer if those that use to come here and converse felt like it wasn\'t being run by the devil and his shadow.
I\'m sure that it\'s not free to run this forum, wouldn\'t it make sense to have abit more voice in which way it progresses?
Sincerily, a recovering drunk.
You see I never have had words with Dr. Makow, at least on this forum, I have respect for an individual who knows what the game is all about. My power is not needed to run this forum, and I am not dependent on posting here. In effect I am the accuser of humankind as is my job. Can I shirk my work. I think not. As for the poster Shadow, I have no complaint and he or she is not my shadow, but an intelligent mind that can understand all on its own. Who keeps the owner of this site from this site and ridicules the Jew not knowing the JEW from the Jew. If I am the father of all lies, then why do I say exactly what I am? I was not created for anything except what I do. Therefore I obey the rules. It bothers you and your kind that those rules are very different from what you have been taught and that the Universe will survive long and abundantly with out the need of the human species. I suggest you blame others for your troubles as is your want.

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