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Default Re: Where is this board at now?

Now Torchy, you see how obliging I really am. I have brought an idiot child up to do battle with me. It brings energy and ignorance anew. Knowing nothing it puts its flesh within reach and struts its pubescent mind before me. Eager that in one short life it has learned all and as always has one word to resort to: FUCK. This thing that masquerades as human is what you and yours are proud of and yet it can summon only one word of description which I taught it and invented fucking in the garden to entrap the lesser ape. What looks on this self styled avenger of monkeys with anything but pity and disgust for the feeble and decaying creation it is. I draw sustenance from such. It opens doors for me as you did and my children enter and make a new home. Should I therefore complain against one such as this that I send here. This young ape is a fool, but a very useful one. As you know being \"High\" and fearless is of my making for humankind. I do this Torchy for your education and mu enjoyment.
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