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Default Re: 911 Loose Change 2nd edition documentary?

Saw this clip not too very long ago.
Blew me away.
Google it and you start coming up with what a lot of people have to say about it.
I was surprised to find that quite a few people discount it as being anything more than a bunch of hooey.
Personally, I found it to have a little too much information to simply be dismissed out of hand.
Add to it the 23 minute lead time the BBC had in announcing the demolition of WTC7 before it ever took place, the 7 minute lag in Bush's response during "my Pet Goat" as though he could have very well known that the threat wasn't from an outside source and the missing jet debris at the pentagon site...
Would a government kill it's own people?
Perhaps. And it wouldn't be the first time that an event was staged for the purpose of selling the public on going to war.
Loose Change was a very courageous effort, if for nothing else than to be used as a reference source for what people can spring board from and do some research of their own.
Is it truth in total?
Who can say what might be, anymore?
These are the days when a commission bases assasination findings on "magic bullets" shot by "lone gunmen" defying the laws of physics and probabilities... a time when presidents are selected by judges rather than elected by the people...and an age when the most basic knowledge is either kept from the masses or muddled by disinformation. Because knowledge is power and sharing that power would collapse this experiment in democracy and the NWO would soon follow.
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