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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Ever heard of the theory of relativity and relative motion? You can always keep a fixed earth as a frame of reference and then formulate your observations based on it. You can also keep a fixed sun as a frame of reference and then formulate a new set of observations. It just so happens that the heliocentric observations look more logical than the geocentric observations.

It's all about perception...nothing to do with religion!!!

Perhaps it's a good lesson on subjectivity of perception....if a person is preconditioned to look upon things in a certain way, then he can always find "evidences" that support his claim. That's probably why a Biblical observation and a Koranic observation seem equally valid to the respective people. There's a saying that if a person wears red glasses, everything appears red, even those that are not.

Perhaps we should all be asking ourselves what kind of colored glasses we are wearing, rather than how the "reality" appears to us. And I really think we should quit fighting over religious paradigms and focus more on developing more faith in the Divine Source and universal love towards all beings.
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