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shadowman wrote:
Yeoshua wrote:
One of the pre requisites to join Masonry is the belief in 'A Higher Being', so it does require a monotheistic belief.

It is open to all faiths.

Not to offend any of the faiths within the lodge, the God is called Great Architect of The Universe (GATOU).

Simply because I swore my oath in a predominatly Christian lodge, I swore it over the Bible, but in other contries, provinces or regions you swear over the appropriate book (Volume of Sacred Law VSL) so the Torah, Koran etc.....

Hope this helps.


Yeoshua. I thought the reason for swearing upon the bible, or other religious/doctrine of holy word is because this is when they give their "word" of rejecting and distancing themselves from what they onced believed. So when you say predominately Christian, Jewish, etc., what you are really saying is only that these people come from these religious/faith backgrounds. Not a freemason myself, I cannot say for sure on anything. I feel what the freemasons don't want us to know, they don't tell. As far as something I read here about secret handshakes, etc., SAME THING: do you think someone won't suggest a change in signals, being that everyone know's them? Or other secrets.

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