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Minuteman wrote:
I have said this numerous times in several places yet mostly it falls of deaf and dumb ears. The Illuminati it seems is starting to abandone the endorsement of destructive right wing political memes in favor of left wing destructive political memes. As evidence I submit the sophmoric "debate" or rather the social engineering of the Imus affair.

The Imus affair removed any coverage of the Rosie ODonnel vs Bill OReilly feud over 911 truth. Nothing is a high on the MSM blacklist as 911 truth. Imus also supported the mercury/autism connection and we can't have sheep questioning the medical establishment either. In commenting about this on political boards and linking to Henry's excellent take on it the shitheads on these "progressive" boards attacked Henry with a vengance. So head up your assedness is as prevalent if not more so on left boards as it is right. It's really all theater anyway, right.

So now with zero quiet time the psy-ops once again ramp up the machine and arrainge to shoot up a campus in VA. The next primary target of the Illuminati, gun confiscation. It seems the left paradigms have been endorsed by the highest of the high. Don't you think?
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