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Default Re: NASA Researchers Prelims Suggest LIFE ON MARS?

Yo Protocol,

Yeh somethings definately up.

A few contacts I have here and there believe something big is in the works.

What exactly? We can guess.

I've been pretty busy and have kept away but with things hotting up I just have to stick around.

Definately life on Mars. No doubt about it. I suggest you get Thomas Golds "The Deep Hot Biosphere". Life defineately evolved OUT of the Earth not from above or simply in pools on the surface.

Just saw an amazing doco on Titan...WOW! Covered in liquid methan. It has coasts and rivers. It looks just like EArth. AMAZING!

Definatly life there too.

It seems the mix of hydrocarbons welling up from the depths, mixing with oxygen found in water pockets is making basic amino acids.

Evidence coming out of Mars and Titan is putting an end to fossil fuel theory...PERIOD!

This is also big. It means some big scams are about to come crashing down...especially the oil industry.

As for UFO's?...high tech locally produced equipment made from the minds of men.

I would not be the least surprised if a Hollywood production of Alien landings comes about.

Anything to keep us distracted.

Best, Brendon
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