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Default Re: Gun-control claims lives at Virginia Tech

Max wrote:,23599...3-1702,00.html

Interesting to note the number "33" coming up again (33 dead as of now)- time will tell if the shooter was a mind controlled Freemason assassin...

Of course the MSM propaganda machine is already using this to push for gun control.

As most of you know VCDL has been pushing hard to change Virginia law
to allow college and university students with concealed handgun
permits to be able to carry a gun on campus for self-defense.

Last year Delegate Todd Gilbert put in such a bill for us and so did
Delegate Mark Cole this year.

We could not get the bills out of subcommittee.

We warned the General Assembly that violent crime can, and does,
happen on campuses across the Commonwealth.

But the university and college lobbyists swore that crime was not an
issue and that the schools did not want students and visitors to be
able to defend themselves with a gun or other weapon. They argued
that the schools had little boxes with lights that had a button
someone could press if they needed the police.

The General Assembly turned a deaf ear to allowing college and
university students to be able to protect themselves and here we are
today :-(

While it is NOT illegal for a college or university student with a
CHP to carry in Virginia, they could get expelled (or fired if a
teacher). And that is a severe enough financial penalty that students
don't want to take the chance. Who can blame them?

But, I'll bet a few are reconsidering their position now. Expelled
by 1 or carried by 6?

VCDL will make it a high priority again next year to get a bill
introduced that will let students and faculty carry.

I don't want to hear from universities and colleges any more about
crime not happening on campuses, or the police will save you if there
is a problem, or that we need more gun control on campuses.


If just ONE of those victims had been armed, this most probably would
have turned out very differently:
Congrats Max,

You have won the award for having absoulutely NO IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT

This is the worst shooting spree in US history
Thousands of students are mentaly scared for life
And you :-?
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