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Default Re: Gun-control claims lives at Virginia Tech

Shadow wrote:
You have won the award for having absoulutely NO IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT
Which of my statements are you referring to? Can you provide a proof for your claim or is this just your opinion?

Seems I'm not alone in wondering on this one, in fact some evidence is starting to roll in...

Virginia School Shooting: Another Government Black-Op?

This is the worst shooting spree in US history
Yes, the question is- who is responsible? Obviously there has been a claim on the shooters ID but are we to accept everything we're told without questioning it? Was the shooter a mind control slave from Project Monarch? Why did the police do basically nothing for two hours while the shooter was loose? Why were the warnings to the students so late as well?

Thousands of students are mentaly scared for life
Perhaps they should learn how to use a firearm so they can defend themselves and go on with life as normal. What do you suggest?

And you :-?
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