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Default Re: Gun-control claims lives at Virginia Tech

Shadow wrote:
I blame Hollywood for creating a Gun Culture Society.
Can you define what you consider a "Gun Culture Society"? Why do you blame Hollywood? What do you consider the impact on society? I'm interested to hear.

Furthermore, anyone that knows anything about guns and how to use them would never say any of the shit that Max has sad here.
Specifically what have I said that you are referring to here? Please support your assertation.

Max, I can safely say that if you were to ever face a gun pointed at you, you would shit in your pants much faster then you would manage to point the gun, never mind pull the trigger. You would merely be a source for additional ammo.
This discussion has nothing to do with me and how I have responded or may respond in the future to potential threats- can we please stick with the issues or are you going to continue to toss out personal insults?
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