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Default How They Distract Us. Extract From "Wag The Dog". Now Up & Running.

I've been real busy setting up a few things.

Too many things happening to stay away after my melodramatic departure message.

Here are 2 extracts from Hollywood productions.

"Extract from Wag The Dog. For those not familiar with the movie... a Washington 'clean up' man is hired to distract the American people from the Presidents sexual infidelity 11 days before the election. To do this they must produce a war or at least the 'appearence of a war'. Take special note of the Hollywood production of a scene to be used as news footage. Remember this in light of the Bin Ladin tapes and many other Hollywood productions masquarading as news. The movie was made in 1996...remember this as the characters plot to con the American people with fear of 'Muslim Extremists' armed with a nuclear 'suitcase bomb'. Remember too that this film was released just months before the Monica Lewinski scandal and Clintons bombing ironically of Kosovo, just over the border from Albania.

"This is an extract from the movie Starship Troopers 2. The original Starship Troopers was a critical comment on the descent into fascism in America. Unfortunately the movie did not quite live up to the book. In these extracts from the second movie we see footage/propaganda not unlike todays on U.S television. The ending in the recruiting station is especially poignent".

Very sorry. Not up yet. My partner in crime considers chasing women about the countryside more importent. I really should learn how to do it myself.

Will be up in a few hours.

Again, apolagies.

Now Up!

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